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2013 Housing Market Trends: What Will Be Different Than 2012

One year ago, I wrote: "Even the best possible 2012 won't get us halfway back toward normal." That turns out to be true, but barely: the latest Trulia Housing Barometer, for October, showed us that the market is 47 percent back to normal. And this year, we launched the Trulia Price Monitor -- which revealed back in March... Continue Reading »

Housing Market Looking Up Across the Country

Many consumers across the country have been struggling with the housing market, either because they want to buy and can't get a mortgage, or because they want to sell but home values aren't high enough to cover their underwater mortgages. However, new trends in the market may be helpful to both buyers and sellers. During... Continue Reading »

Prediction: Boomers Stay Put, Gen Y Keeps Renting

Generation-Y may have years of paying rent ahead of them. Ready-for-retirement baby boomers may continue to work. And those in their prime earning years may have to ditch that lofty dream of a second home in Naples, Fla. Over the next decade, the housing landscape looks ominous compared to the boom of the early 2000s,... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on HousingWatch

Cher and the Obamas Hawaii getaways, plus New York's skinniest house and more! Here's what readers were into this week. Skinniest House Sells for Fat Wad - New York's skinniest house goes for $2.75 mil. Cher Bails on Her Just-Built Home - Cher's sweet Hawaii retreat (left) is going up for auction. Want it? We do. Inside... Continue Reading »

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