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Houston Is U-Haul's Most Popular Relocation Destination

People must believe everything is bigger in Texas, because the most popular city to move to in 2012 was Houston, according to new data on relocation trends released by U-Haul. The moving company's figures were based on one-way truck rentals from January 2012 to December 2012. It's Houston's fourth year in a row ranking No.... Continue Reading »

Houston Firefighters Miss Body in House Fire, Mom Finds Son Dead the Next Day

A Houston mother is devastated and angry with the local fire department after firefighters somehow missed the dead body of her son lying in the rubble of a Christmas Day fire at his home. It wasn't until Rosa Mendez (pictured below) went to her son's house the next day, concerned about why she didn't get a Christmas... Continue Reading »

Illegal Immigrant 'Stash House' in Houston Had 48 People Living Inside, Police Say

Authorities in Houston looking for illegal immigrants raided a home on Monday and reportedly found 48 people living in the single-story, three-bedroom house -- 14 of them children. Police believe the home is a "stash house," a place where newly arrived illegal immigrants hide out, said local TV station KHOU. The... Continue Reading »

$1.4 Million Mansion in Houston Is an Architectural Enigma (House of the Day)

This mansion in Houston is one of the weirdest things we've ever seen: It's like someone took pieces of a classic, stately chateau and an uber-modern spread and smashed them together. The listing calls the home "masterfully re-imagined," but as our friends at Curbed put it, that would be "totally accurate if said master... Continue Reading »

Dana Nance of Houston Says She Unwittingly Rented Home to Marijuana Grow Operation

Dana Nance thought that for the last couple of years she was renting her Houston-area home to a nice woman with a child and two younger brothers. Then, this week, the home was raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency as part of a takedown of major marijuana grow operations. Nance's home was one of 50 filled with pot plants... Continue Reading »

Thelma Taormina, Houston Homeowner, Pulls Gun on a Utility Worker Installing Smart Meters

A Houston homeowner had been trying to keep her electric company from installing a "smart meter" at her house. So when a company worker showed up to put the new, digital meter into place, she pulled out the big guns -- literally. Thelma Taormina said that the utility worker tried to force her out of the way so that he... Continue Reading »

Rapper Chamillionaire Loses Houston Home to Foreclosure

At least rapper Chamillionaire isn't changing his name to Cha-"thousand"-aire. The Houston native is getting out of a mortgage for a $2 million home there by not making payments on the mansion and letting it go into foreclosure. The trend of walking away from a mortgage in the down market is hitting even millionaire... Continue Reading »

Drew Carey Is Wrong About Cleveland

Urban planning is architecture's less glamorous sibling: If architecture gets Brad Pitt as a celebrity student, it's only fitting that planning gets TV's Drew Carey. Carey grew up in Cleveland, a city that desperately needs better public schools and better prospects for the professional people who want to live in its... Continue Reading »

Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians

Watch your step in Florida: Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville were just ranked top four most dangerous cities for walkers according to a new Transportation for America study. The organization hopes to draw attention to the 5,000 accidental deaths a year due to pedestrian un-friendly roads. The study is timed to strike... Continue Reading »

Chicago Stressed Out, Miami Super Chill

Maybe it was losing the Olympic bid to Rio. Or, maybe it was the Jay Cutler's performance against the Atlanta Falcons. Either way, Chicago came out as the most stressed city in a recent survey by Harris Interactive. Maybe they need to go to Rio and chill for a while ... nah. We might have predicted Detroit or Las Vegas,... Continue Reading »

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