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Home Selling Advice: What You Should Know About Today's Homebuyers

By Brendon DeSimone Many parts of the country are seeing an uptick in real estate activity. We've been hearing for months now that buyers have returned; that it has become cheaper to own than to rent in many markets; and that sellers are realizing their once unsaleable homes may have a market. If you're a seller, it's... Continue Reading »

5 Mistakes Homesellers Should Avoid

By Brendon DeSimone After years of dead open houses, price reduction after price reduction and failed attempts to sell homes, many real estate markets are picking up. This could be welcome news to someone who has been forced to have kids share a bedroom, suffer through a long commute or any number of reasons why folks... Continue Reading »

How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time

Is it possible to buy a home and sell your home at the same time anymore? And what should you tackle first? Should you get an offer on your home before you try to find a new place to buy? Or should you find the home you want before putting yours on the market? And will a bank even allow you to buy without selling... Continue Reading »

Home Selling SEO: 6 Tips to Get Buyers in a Twitter

By Seth Price for InmanNext When was the last time you sold a house for $135,000 above the asking price? An Australian man recently made headlines by doing just that -- selling his home on Twitter. With the help of digital marketer John Newell and real estate agent Hocking Stewart, Kurt Oprey was able to sell his home in... Continue Reading »

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