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13 Ways to Sell Your Home in 2013

As the housing recovery that began last year continues to gain steam into 2013, selling your home may become less of a headache. But you can be sure of one thing: You're always likely to make the process easier if you use smart marketing tactics. Some of them are givens: De-clutter your home for open houses, enhance... Continue Reading »

5 Things That Can Derail Your Home Sale

If you're selling a home, you know the drill: Declutter, add a fresh coat of paint, clear out all your family photos and personal items. That's just for starters. Once that's done, you might want to take care of some things that could really turn buyers off and derail your hopes of unloading your home. And we bet you... Continue Reading »

It's Safe to Sell Your Home Again

By Lisa Gibbs Given everything they knew about the lackluster housing market, Meghann and Cort Battles didn't expect much when they listed their four-bedroom home in Centennial, a Denver suburb, for sale in January. So they were taken aback by the onslaught of interest. Meghann, at home on maternity leave with... Continue Reading »

11 Things Today's Home Sellers Must Do

The environment for home sales becomes more difficult with each passing month. Some estimates put 11.1 million mortgages, about 23 percent of the U.S. total, underwater, meaning that homeowners owe their banks more than the underlying properties are worth. Home foreclosures reached 212,764 in July. The number for the year... Continue Reading »

Five Tips for Selling a Home, Fast.

Anyone's lucky to be able to sell a home in this economy, especially when you consider tight-fisted banks and appraisal snafus. Gone are the days when a "quick sale" meant you had an offer in under a week. These days, anything less than six months on the market could be counted as "quick." So, when after a mere four... Continue Reading »

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