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Don't Let These People Derail Your New Home Sale

By Brendon Desimone A listing agent may have shown a prospective buyer a specific house two or three times. Now the buyer wants another showing, which is surely a good sign that she's ready to make an offer. The buyer also tells the agent that she wants to bring her new boyfriend, best friend, out-of-town parents or... Continue Reading »

What a Homebuyer Should Know Before Closing

By Leonard Baron It's hardly page-turning literature, but there are many reasons why you should read these documents before making any property purchase: • Title abstract • Title insurance policy and schedule of exclusions • Plat or a survey while you walk the property boundaries • Homeowners'... Continue Reading »

What's That Smell, Bro? A Guy's Guide to Keep Your Place From Stinking

There's nothing quite like the cacophony of smells to be found in a single-man's apartment. In those years between living at home with their mothers and then their girlfriends or wives, it seems that most single men fail to learn (or implement) basic cleaning skills. Just take a whiff from the funk wafting from a grungy... Continue Reading »

Pick Your Next Sofa in Five Easy Steps

Beware: Your next sofa may outlast your next relationship... It's true. A sofa is the biggest and most frequently used item in your apartment. If unwisely selected, your sofa can ruin everything from the general enjoyment of your apartment to even wrecking your reputation. (Your choice of beds is also a major concern,... Continue Reading »

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