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Whole-House Humidifier Benefits

FlickrWhile an individual room humidifier will be cheaper, a whole-house humidifier will provide much more controlled humidity through the whole home. A whole-house humidifier can have a host of health benefits that go beyond making a scratchy throat or stuffed-up nose feel better when you have a cold. Instead of taking... Continue Reading »

Whole-House Humidifier Can Help You Breathe Easier

Shutterstock By Bob Vila We all know how soothing it can be to breathe in warm, moist air when we're suffering from a cold, sore throat or stuffed nasal and sinus cavities. When a child gets sick, we pull out the portable humidifier to ease the discomfort, or maybe a steamy pot of water and a towel for over the head. The... Continue Reading »

Humidifiers Get a Breath of Fresh Style

Inventions thrive over time because they make our lives easier or better. But they aren't always designed well or look good. Take for instance, the humidifier. This household appliance emits moisture in the air indoors to help people breathe easier and live more comfortably. It's especially helpful for people who suffer... Continue Reading »

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