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Hurricane-Proof Your Home With These Tips

By Bud Dietrich It seems as if hurricane season is starting earlier and staying later than when I was young. While it was almost unheard of to use the letter "s" to name a hurricane back then, it may just be the new normal now. Whatever the cause, it seems that as we renovate our older homes or build new ones,... Continue Reading »

Hurricane Sandy Preparation: How To Protect Your Home From Damage in a 'Perfect Storm'

As Hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, it's raising eyebrows among meteorologists who say it actually has the potential to morph into a "perfect storm." In the event that Hurricane Sandy does make landfall, homeowners who could be impacted by the storm should make sure their properties are prepared for severe... Continue Reading »

Hurricane Isaac Preparation: Gulf Coast Residents Scramble as Storm Approaches (PHOTOS)

The National Weather Service upgraded Tropical Storm Isaac to a Category 1 hurricane Tuesday, as the storm barreled toward the Gulf Coast. Coastal residents from Louisiana to Alabama were preparing for the storm by boarding up their homes and businesses and fleeing. Isaac has already left a swath of severe damage across... Continue Reading »

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