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Flock of Feral Turkeys Ruffles Staten Island Residents

Kathy Willens/The Associated Press By Jennifer Peltz NEW YORK -- Say "wild" and "New York City," and few might fill in these blanks: a flock of feral turkeys causing a flap in a city that defines urbanism. Yet a population of roving turkeys on Staten Island has become a mess-making, traffic-stopping scourge to some... Continue Reading »

Rat Invasion Baffles Homeowner and Exterminator

A homeowner in the Northwest reports that her property is being overrun with rats and her dog has been bitten by them 18 times even though she has a clean home and orderly yard. Joan Lankow of Centralia, Wash., made news there as her rodent problem has grown out of control, with dozens of rats eating the grapes off the... Continue Reading »

Bat Infestation in Stone Mountain, Ga., Apartment Building

An apartment building in Stone Mountain, Ga., near Atlanta, reportedly is experiencing an infestation of bats. Highland Forest Apartments resident Justin Fleetwood recorded a video with his cell phone of a bat in his 4-month-old daughter's room. "My initial reaction was just to drop everything and get out," Fleetwood... Continue Reading »

Bats Bother Home Sellers, Take a Bite Out of Value

Some folks in Tifton, Ga., sure do have some batty neighbors that they just want to leave town. Brown bats, that is, the kind Count Dracula might invite over for a bite. Hundreds and hundreds of the flying critters have taken up residence in one foreclosed home leaving a stench that wafts past the curb if you... Continue Reading »

Pest Control: Your Problem or Your Landlord's?

Tatiana Enriquez of Miami's North Bay Village had a pest control problem. She'd wake in the night to find giant cockroaches frolicking in her apartment. But there was nothing in her rental lease that obligated her landlord to deal with the infestation, so she was on her own. It's not unusual for rental apartments to have... Continue Reading »

Tracking Roaches and Rats by Neighborhood

If the sight of something scuttling across your floor prompts shrieks and weeks of sleeplessness, take note: The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has launched an Environmental Public Health Tracking Portal that lets users map the population of roaches, mice, and rats in neighborhoods throughout the... Continue Reading »

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