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  • Buying an Old House? Plan for These Home Repairs

    Buying an Old House? Plan for These Home Repairs

    During my 20 years as a professional home inspector I've walked the floorboards of thousands of old houses. By now, I've developed an uncanny ability to predict the home repairs they'll need before even setting foot inside. It all comes down to understanding the decade-to-decade differences in old house... Continue Reading

  • Save Energy This Winter

    Save Energy This Winter

    While you're roasting your chestnuts on that open fire, you're also letting plenty of heat escape up through the chimney. Luckily, at AOL Real Estate we've got some great ideas to help you save energy this winter. Check out these energy-saving guides: Energy Efficient Home Improvements for Every... Continue Reading

  • Home Improvement: Top Projects for Under $2,500

    Home Improvement: Top Projects for Under $2,500

    A price tag of $2,500 is in the sweet spot for many home improvement projects. It represents a little more than two weeks' salary for the average U.S. household. It's also about the amount of the average federal tax refund. Projects paid with Uncle Sam's givebacks may not be game-changers, but they can still... Continue Reading

  • Home Insulation: More Federal Funds, More Controversy

    Home Insulation: More Federal Funds, More Controversy

    As Vice President Biden was touting the accomplishments of the Recovery Act last week in making 200,000 low income homes energy efficient, Republicans were pointing out that the number is far short of the 2 million homes that Biden said would benefit. The job-stimulus part of the Department of Energy program... Continue Reading

  • Insulation at Home Saves Money

    Insulation at Home Saves Money

    Alamy Raymond Yoder of Indianapolis, Ind. learned his lesson in home insulation the hard way. "It was cheaper to buy one of the new model homes without insulation. We figured we'd save the cash," Yoder says. That was in 1954. He has since moved from that home but not before, he admits, adding a lot more... Continue Reading

  • Soundproofing Against Outdoor Noise

    Soundproofing Against Outdoor Noise

    Scott Warrick of Bloomington, Ind. has a noise problem outside his house: jackhammers. "I'm enduring three months of daily jackhammering as they tear down a local school." Excessive noise entering your house is a problem. It can stress you out, make you irritable, and, when it comes to heavy machinery and... Continue Reading