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Hurricane Sandy: What To Do If Insurance Claim Is Rejected

By Mandi Woodruff Hurricane Sandy is expected to cost a staggering $50 billion, with as many as 200,000 claims for wind damage and 20,000 claims for flood damage filed by consumers. The sooner those claims are filed the better, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will get what they ask for. One of the... Continue Reading »

Tag Your Home Photos for Better Insurance Claims

On the morning of Nov. 24, 2007, Brad Stanley and his wife Anita watched as their home in Malibu, Calif., burned to the ground. They were not alone. More than 50 other homes were destroyed in the wildfire. With everything they owned now gone, the family had to start to process of documenting their losses to file for an... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance for the New Year

When was the last time you took a good look at your home insurance policy? Insurance is one of those things that's easy for homeowners to ignore. Once you sign up for a policy, chances are you write the check for the annual renewal without giving a lot of thought to whether your needs (or your insurer's terms of coverage)... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: Tips for Choosing an Insurer

When Suzanne Patt went shopping for a home insurance policy, she ran into a problem: her daughter's trampoline. Some carriers refused to issue her a policy as long as the trampoline was in place; others were willing to include it, but at substantially higher rates. "That really limited my choices," says the Cranford, N.J.,... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: Protect Your Home Against Theft

When the apartment of AOL Real Estate contributor Eileen Gunn was burglarized several years back, she was grateful she had insurance to cover her losses. "Most of what was stolen I wouldn't [and] couldn't replace, like jewelry, she said. "So the money I got from insurance did replace the things I wanted: My remote controls... Continue Reading »

Condo and Homeowners Insurance: Key Differences

Patty Robinson got a great deal on her townhouse in Charlotte, N.C. It needed some updating, but she didn't mind investing in new carpeting, paint and window treatments, because that would make it feel truly like her own. She planned ahead and was careful to take a detailed inventory of her belongings so that she would... Continue Reading »

Buying Insurance: How to Cover Your Next Move

Moving insurance -- it's a factor many don't consider while they're in the process of moving. Whether you're moving across town or across state lines, countless scenarios could occur that endanger your move -- from movers breaking your personal possessions during packing or unpacking to other unforeseen... Continue Reading »

Renters Insurance: Why You Need It

When Stephen Slaybaugh returned to his two-bedroom apartment in Columbus, Ohio one evening after work, something was not right. "At first I thought my girlfriend had just left a bunch of things strewn about," he says. "Then as I walked through the apartment, there was stuff she obviously wouldn't have left out. Then I... Continue Reading »

Homeowner's Insurance at Risk for Hoarding Chicago Couple?

What's the difference between the Jonas Brothers getting stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes and an elderly couple being trapped under heaps of garbage in their own home for two weeks? One of those scenarios has potential ramifications for homeowner's insurance, while the other causes the hearts of some teen-age girls to... Continue Reading »

Trump's Apprentices? Real Estate's Biggest Jerks

There are plenty of real estate tycoons, property owners, and developers resorting to jerky moves to keep their real estate dealings running smoothly. Is it any surprise that some of these "schmucky" situations, as Business Week reports, are no big whoop to those who practice them? Open practitioners like Donald Trump... Continue Reading »

Homeowners' Defense Act: Affordable Insurance or 'Beach House Bailout'?

Banks aren't the only ones that depend on taxpayer bailouts. Every time disaster strikes the government picks up the tab. Losses after Katrina totaled $90 billion, with only $45 billion covered by insurance. The government ended up spending almost $10 billion on homeowners who were uninsured or under-insured. Yet,... Continue Reading »

The Perils of Living on the Green

So you want to live in a home on a golf course? You may want think twice about that. The cachet that comes from that beautiful expanse of green outside your window and country club living, also comes balls. Hundreds and hundreds of golf balls. Ask Willam and Dorothy Abbott in North Naples, Fla. For more... Continue Reading »

Borrowers Pay to Refill FHA's Pot

This morning, the Federal Housing Administration officially announced long-promised news: the agency is moving to shore up its rapidly eroding insurance fund. And here's the deal: you the borrower will be paying for it. Starting this spring, borrowers who take out FHA-insured mortgages will pay an up-front fee of 2.25... Continue Reading »

Terrorism Worries Hit Real Estate Anew

In the wake of the Christmas 2009 attempted terrorist bombing of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight, it's easy for Americans to remember the impact of two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers, the lives lost, and the resulting economic mayhem that ensued. recently asked whether commercial... Continue Reading »

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