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How to Choose an Investment Property That Earns You the Most

By Jeff Brown What type of investment property should you buy -- a condo or single-family home? Until recently, that was a trick question, as real estate was too risky and illiquid for most investors. But growing evidence of a rebound in the housing market reduces the risk your investment property would lose value. Rising... Continue Reading »

College Town Real Estate Investments Score High Marks

The closest thing to a sure bet in real estate may be going to college. Investments in college towns -- places where the community is shaped by a university's presence -- have done well while other niches in the housing market have, for the most part, fallen off the Dean's List. It comes down to the basic law of supply... Continue Reading »

Florida Real Estate Hijacking Victim Wins Back Home

Finders keepers, losers weepers: That may as well be the name of a Florida law on "adverse possession" that says anyone can move into an abandoned Florida home without the owner's permission and eventually obtain the title. That is, provided seven years has passed since the squatters barged their way in, and that they paid... Continue Reading »

Rent Your House as a Vacation Home for Cash

Lori McRae, a resident of Olympia, Wash., owns two vacation homes in the Lake Cushman area of the Olympic Peninsula. She and her family use one just for themselves, but the other property they use mainly as a rental. Along the way, she said, she's learned one thing about life as a vacation rental landlord: "Watch out for... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Bargains Draw Canadian Buyers

For the first time in a couple of years the Canadian dollar has surpassed the U.S. dollar in value, causing an influx of interest by our northern neighbors to purchase vacation property in the States -- or even income property and retirement homes. "The interest in retirement homes isn't likely to wane any time soon,"... Continue Reading »

Prize Pigs Buy Teen a House

Three piggies went to market, and one piggy's owner bought a home. Not bad for an 18-year-old! Indeed, the homespun tale of Lindsay Binegar provides a good lesson for all would-be home buyers. First of all, it required a lot more than just three pigs to save up $40,000. Yet that's how much cash Lindsay Binegar of... Continue Reading »

The Olympic Game for Second Homeowners

World-class sporting events like the Winter Olympic Games (currently underway in Vancouver, in case you've been asleep for the last week) and this summer's FIFA World Cup in South Africa, can turn destination homeowners into short-term landlords. However, it's not quite as easy as hanging out a For Rent sign and waiting... Continue Reading »

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