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6 Real Estate Apps for Finding a New Home

By Jerry Kronenberg That cool new smartphone you got this holiday season can help you find a cool new place to live if you're planning on going house-hunting in 2013. That's because real estate firms, listing services, mortgage companies and more have thousands of free smartphone apps available to help you find your... Continue Reading »

Real Estate iPhone App 'Layar' vs. the Classifieds

It's amazing how this technology works: Spread out before me on a single, neat page is a whole list of available nearby homes and condos, and even rental apartments. Is it on Layar, one of the latest so-called "augmented reality" mobile phone apps? Are you kidding? I'm using the L.A. Times classified section... Continue Reading »

Hail a Taxi With Your iPhone

Hailing a cab in New York City is somewhat of a science -- at least, that's what the people behind a new mobile app for your iPhone or Android device believe. Cabsense could be your new best friend if you're not a fan of flagging down a ride in the Big Apple because we know how incredibly tired your arm becomes from... Continue Reading »

Your Next Interior Designer: Your iPhone

Appealing to a generation who built imaginary homes on The Sims instead of playing with dollhouses and are now obsessed with documenting life's moments with a 3.0 megapixel cell phone camera, MyDeco has released an iPhone app that augments the reality of one's living space with fancy digital furniture. "Furnish Your... Continue Reading »

See a Problem? Text City Hall

Tech-savvy Bostonians with a bone to pick with the city (snowed-in streets, potholes, leaking fire hydrants) needn't worry any more about bureaucratic red tape. Thanks to a new iPhone app called Citizens Connect, residents can snap photos of busted streetlights or stray graffiti, punch in a few key details, and submit the... Continue Reading »

Your Kitchen Gets Geek Chic

It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time not long ago when people would never have considered their kitchen as an appropriate place for a computer. Attitudes have changed, though, and connected devices are everywhere. That now includes the kitchen, where you'll find Internet-ready touchscreens on appliances like... Continue Reading »

Coordinate with New Color Apps

Pantone just released myPantone, a $10 app for the iPhone that can extract colors from photos and convert them to the nearest Pantone color. It also offers color schemes and inspiration from its library. This could be helpful when shopping for coordinating home decor or bedding. Sounds great, but it is really innovative?... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Too Hot for Gourmet

Buh, buh, Gourmet! Au revoir, old friend. Now: Who killed you? Was it the Interwebs? Or was it something (someone) more nefarious? According to The New York Times, the culprit was none other than Rachel Ray, that perky cookbot out to destroy the world. Of course, they would say that. Condé Nast's 68-year old revue... Continue Reading »

iPhone plus Ikea = Smart iDea

Anything that makes it easier to get through flat-pack retailer Ikea with your budget and at least part of your weekend still intact is a good thing, right? These two Scandanavian-furniture-loving software developers sure thought so. Prepare to put down your Ikea golf pencil forever in favor of these two genius-y iPhone... Continue Reading »

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