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Is Your Home Ready for Your Retirement?

ShutterstockConsider replacing doorknobs with handles. By Dave Bernard You may be more than ready to retire, but what about your home? If you hope to age in your current home it makes sense to prepare for the challenges that aging is likely to bring. The environment in which you live will be an essential ingredient to... Continue Reading »

Experts' Top Home Improvement Projects for a Booming Housing Market

More consumers are dusting off their cordless drills, tape measures and jigsaws, or at least are shelling out for paint, spackle or flooring products. Home remodeling is on an upswing, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. A byproduct of rising home sales during this past year, new homeowners... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Make Your Home Fabulous

By John Riha If you're looking to remodel your kitchen, we've got good news and bad news. First, the good stuff. According to trend experts Lita Dirks and Dominick Tringali, you don't have to shell out major cash to add space. Instead, look to expand what you already have. Vault your ceiling, add windows, squeeze in... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Renovation: Nick Bylsma of Topeka, Kan., Surprises Wife With Weekend Remodel Job

Love letters, flowers and jewelry would make a lot of women swoon, but Nick Bylsma wanted to do something extraordinary for his wife, Melissa, on their second wedding anniversary. So when she went away with her family one weekend last year, he told her that he'd be spending the time working. And that wasn't exactly a... Continue Reading »

Jeff Lewis: Kitchen Remodel on the Cheap (Video)

Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo's delightfully-OCD design show, "Flipping Out," has a message for tightwad decorators: Worthwhile home improvements are still possible, even on a smaller budget. In this exclusive video with AOL Real Estate, Lewis tackles one of the most important rooms in the house, whether you're trying to... Continue Reading »

Working with Contractors: Preparation Prevents Problems

Winter is prime time for indoor remodeling jobs. But don't jump in just because a contractor suddenly has all the time in the world to work with you. When it comes to working with contractors, proper preparation is everything. You'll get the best price, best experience and best results--any time of year--if you follow... Continue Reading »

Kitchen Remodels to Add Value, Whether You're Selling or Staying

No matter the style or vintage of your house, a workable, up-to-date kitchen is a must. A kitchen remodel will make everyday routines more efficient and enjoyable. And if you're thinking of selling your home anytime soon, it will be a focal point for potential buyers and a big factor in their perception of your home's... Continue Reading »

Going Green in the Kitchen

Annette Thomson of Washington, D.C., wants to green up her kitchen remodeling project. "I want to replace old vinyl flooring and add Energy Star appliances," she says. "Is there anything else I can do?" Thomson is on the right track. Going green in the kitchen means replacing vinyl with more sustainable materials and... Continue Reading »

Minor Kitchen Renovations Help Sell Your Home

Judy McLendon of Bay Head, N.J. knows why home sellers often put their money into kitchen renovations. "Redoing the kitchen is probably the best thing you can do," she says. McLendon should know. She has sold many of her own homes without the help of a realtor. Years ago in Summit, N.J., McLendon was a city council member... Continue Reading »

Why Move When You Can Improve? Time to Renovate Is Now

Don't let the slow real estate market keep you from having the home of your dreams. You don't have to move, you just need to improve. And this is the perfect time to do so. Never before have all the stars been so perfectly aligned to facilitate the remodeling needed to give you your perfect palace. Materials costs have... Continue Reading »

Best Investment of Homebuyer Tax Credit

The Senate recently voted to extend the $8,000 federal homebuyer tax credit aimed at stimulating sales to September 30, 2010 (it was originally going to end on June 30). So now it looks like an estimated 180,000 home purchasers who were already in the sales pipeline could benefit from the tax credit. [Update: The extension... Continue Reading »

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