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Tenant Won't Pay Rent? Ways for Landlords to Deal With Deadbeat Renters

What do you do when a tenant won't pay rent? Your first thought might be immediate eviction. Not so fast -- your ability to do that depends on the laws governing the area where you live. Landlords in New York, for example? They've got it tough. According to New York law, landlords require court intervention in... Continue Reading »

Nightmare Stories of Renting Out Your Home

By Catherine Baab-Muguira During the heady days of the housing bubble, many Americans bought second homes and investment properties, believing that the value of these properties would increase. Then came the bust, and some owners turned to renting out those recently acquired homes, condos and apartments. has... Continue Reading »

Want to Rent to College Students? 5 Cities Where You'll Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By Jerry Kronenberg Rental properties in college towns can offer great returns to real estate investors and parents of university students alike, a study finds. "College towns have a natural cycle of tenant flow,"'s Jennifer DuBois said. "You know [a student] is going to be in town for four years... Continue Reading »

California Law Bans Landlords From Requiring Declawed, 'Devoiced' Pets

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that prevents landlords from requiring tenants to have their pets' claws removed or vocal cords silenced. Landlords cannot reject tenants who refuse the surgeries to declaw or "devoice," and can't advertise in a way that discourages people whose pets have claws or vocal... Continue Reading »

Want to Rent Out Your Home? Take Some Advice

Gary Malin (pictured at left) is the president of Citi Habitats, one of New York City's largest and most successful residential real estate brokerages. He is also a licensed attorney and a member of the Real Estate Board of New York. Renting out your home for extra income can be a wise decision in today's housing market.... Continue Reading »

L.A. Landlord Charged With Turning a Triplex Into 44 Rentals

An L.A. landlord who's alleged to have illegally converted a triplex into a crammed 44-unit apartment building has been slapped with criminal charges by city prosecutors, the Los Angeles Times reported. John Callaghan put tenants' lives at risk by not installing proper electrical wiring and enough smoke detectors and... Continue Reading »

Best Cities to Buy Rental Properties

By Les Christie Ever thought about becoming a landlord? Now might just be the perfect time, especially if you live in one of these cities. A combination of beaten down home prices and rising rents make these cities promising places to become a landlord -- just as long as you understand the risks involved. (For example,... Continue Reading »

It takes a lot of vision--and more than a little chutzpah--to do what New Jersey homeowners Jeremy and Christina Gulish did. Where other house hunters saw only drab décor and outdated plumbing in their four-bedroom fixer-upper, this recently married couple saw opportunity. "The house was pretty bland," says... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Buy Their Own Appliances?

Renters, have you ever lived in a rental with the kind of refrigerator that could only fit a pint of milk and an apple? Ever dreamed of a top-load washing machine that didn't shred your favorite T-shirts? Ever wish you had a dryer that actually dried your towels in the first cycle rather than the fourth? Sometimes being a... Continue Reading »

The Renters' Guide to Tipping

"When I sold my house and moved into my apartment," says Lydia Morgan, an enthusiastic renter in Chicago, "I loved not worrying about the foundation of my home. I have a great landlord, and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to her but I wasn't sure what was appropriate." While renting your home does get you... Continue Reading »

How to Make Extra Money by Subletting

When Erica Barth, co-founder of the Harlem Yoga Studio, in New York City got her business going, she found a commercial space within a residential building and subleased it from a resident in the building. "We worked closely with the daughter of the owner of the building," says Barth. "And we just assumed everything was... Continue Reading »

Dealing With Mold in a Rental Apartment

Mold and Other Rental Nightmares Two months after Kim Johnson moved into her new rental apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, she started to have trouble breathing. She took herself to an allergist and discovered she was highly allergic to mold. Suspicious, Johnson started examining her apartment and discovered black mold on... Continue Reading »

Pest Control: Your Problem or Your Landlord's?

Tatiana Enriquez of Miami's North Bay Village had a pest control problem. She'd wake in the night to find giant cockroaches frolicking in her apartment. But there was nothing in her rental lease that obligated her landlord to deal with the infestation, so she was on her own. It's not unusual for rental apartments to have... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Rights When Landlord Breaks Rental Agreement

Most people would agree that having a big shade tree on their property is a good thing. One renter in Charlotte, N.C. was under that impression -- until it started growing through a wall of his apartment. His first course of action was notifying his landlord of the problem. He called the landlord, e-mailed him and sent a... Continue Reading »

Rahm Emanuel Wants Chicago Tenant Out

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to spend more time at home in Chicago as he considers his bid for mayor of the Windy City. There's just one problem: His tenants don't want to move out just yet. Of course unaware that Mayor Richard M. Daley would announce on Sept. 7 that he would not run again for mayor in... Continue Reading »

Six Ways to Make Sure You Get Back Your Security Deposit

"I was told by the previous tenant before I moved in that my landlord never gave back the security deposit, so I should just plan for that," says Bea Lowey of Medford, Mass. "But I really didn't want to lose all of that money for no reason." Surprisingly, more people than you would think are willing to forgo the security... Continue Reading »

First Apartment Rental Tips

Your parents warn that you'll never get your security deposit back. Your friends say that you will; don't worry about it. Your boss advises that you and your soon-to-be roommates should all ink the rental paperwork, but your friends say it's cool if you sign alone. There's a lot of conflicting advice and untruths floating... Continue Reading »

Easter Peeps Display Gets Woman Evicted

Last week a jury in Boulder, Colo. heard testimony from, among others, a so-called "Peeps expert" - yes, an expert in those bird-shaped marshmallow candies - in connection with the case of a tenant who refused to remove Easter decorations from an apartment doorway. Jurors found that the renter, a 60-year old woman named... Continue Reading »

Short-Term Apartment Rentals in NYC May Be Outlawed

The days of New York City apartment dwellers pocketing a few extra bucks by renting out their pads to strangers for a few days may be coming to an end. A proposed law currently being debated by the New York State legislature would make it illegal to sublet an apartment for less than one month. The sponsors of... Continue Reading »

Luxury Apartment Rentals Are Hot Again

With amenities that include outdoor spas, poolside cabanas, private wine lockers, 24-hour fitness centers with views of the city -- who wouldn't want to live in an apartment these days? In Chicago, the big bets developers made by building nearly 1,300 new downtown apartments in 2009 appear to be paying off, big... Continue Reading »

Scottish Landlords Fined for Tenants' Partying

Landlords in Edinburgh, Scotland can now be hit with fines if they pull an "ASBO" violation by allowing wild "stag and hen" parties to get out of hand, reports the U.K.-based site Residental Landlord. Wait. What? Let's translate. "ASBO" is shorthand for the anti-social behavior ordinance put in place by Scots. The... Continue Reading »

Renovate Your Rental? Think Twice!

Sometimes a rented apartment just doesn't feel like a home. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that as renter, you don't own the place where you live. There's a sense that plenty of others have slept where you sleep now and many more will after you move out -- so it's not your home. One way to personalize your... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Living in an Unfinished Building

Dear Apartment Guru, I moved into a new building before some major parts of the shared areas were completed. Our elevators only work occasionally and electricity is turned off and on at random during the day. There is still no carpeting in the hallways and sometimes I find the front door has been propped open by... Continue Reading »

Landlord to Get Schooled on Bias -- and Pay $1,000

You renters -- and landlords out there -- might be unaware of this technicality, but advertising an apartment that's "perfect for students" or using other preferential language is against the law. In a recent case out of Buffalo, N.Y., a landlord who described an available rental on Craigslist as in a "nice Irish... Continue Reading »

How to Lower Your Rent

Paying too much for your apartment? Don't be bitter, be a bargainer. I just successfully negotiated a rent reduction for the first time in over five years of renting in Brooklyn, N.Y. Sure, it was only a whopping $25 per month, but when I calculate that I will have an extra $300 at the end of next year, it does not sound... Continue Reading »

Got Asthma? Maybe Blame Your Landlord

New York City is fighting asthma in a new way: by forcing 175 slumlords to clean up their act. The City Council is focusing on the worst landlord offenders. These are the slumlords who do not fix conditions such as mold, vermin, insect infestation, and garbage. All of these unsanitary conditions are contributing factors... Continue Reading »

Lindsay Lohan's Landlord Seeks Restraining Order

A family built around restraining orders is a family potentially purchasing a lot of real estate. No one can live under the same roof together! Earlier this week Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan were preparing to file restraining orders against their father, Michael Lohan -- that was confirmed by their mother, Dina... Continue Reading »

Chicago: Law's Revamp Would Help Foreclosed-On Renters Recover Deposits

Security deposits haven't been that secure for many Chicago tenants lately, especially after foreclosures forced occupants from more than 8,500 rental units in 2009. That ended up costing renters as much as $7.3 million in lost deposits. Current city law requires landlords to return security deposits to displaced... Continue Reading »

Should Landlords Act Like Parents?

How would you enjoy your landlord going parental on you by scolding and punishing you? Yep, that nightmare might arrive for unfortunate renters in Chambersburg, Pa. A new ordinance is being discussed that would hold landlords responsible for tenant's bad behavior. Yikes! Let's ignore the first assumption that rental... Continue Reading »

Cali Landlords: Paws off our Pets!

Pet owners and animal rights activists are excited about a proposed California bill. Assemblyman Pedro Nava (D- Santa Barbara), a candidate for state attorney general, introduced legislation that would ban landlords from requiring that tenants' cats are declawed or their dogs are de-barked. Who except the least... Continue Reading »


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