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Make Your Landlord Give You Cash

Your friend (even a frenemy) may net you $200 in Arizona. Landlords, bless their money-grubbing, cheap-to-a-fault, never-repair-things-quickly hearts, have hit on hard times. Poor petals. No wonder they're suddenly interested in chatting up your friends. In Arizona, landlords are offering as much as $200 per referral that... Continue Reading »

Landlord-Impersonation Scams Rise in California

This month, Los Angeles' D.A. warned citizens to be on the watch for scams when renting apartments due to an increase in rental fraud. Unfortunately the increase in foreclosures and empty properties means there are more places for the dishonest to swindle would-be renters. Though a San Francisco assemblywoman is pushing... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: The Mooch Upstairs

Dear Apartment Guru, I am a homeowner who intended to rent out the top floor of my home. I did a lot of work myself but was unable to finish the place up. Five months ago a friend of mine who is a skilled carpenter contacted me looking for an affordable place to live. We made a deal that he would work on the place for... Continue Reading »

Want to Renovate? Make Your Landlord Pay

Landlords are in the commodity business. While there are very few differences between rental units, smart real estate investors (a.k.a.your future landlord) look for properties that give them a clear competitive advantage over a similar property in the same neighborhood. It could be the view, it could be renovations, it... Continue Reading »

Live at Wal-Mart, Not Sprawl-Mart

In a move worthy of an Onion headline, a Wal-Mart will be built this year on top of a Lowes in Baltimore. Both big-box stores will anchor the development at the 25th Street Station in Remington. And amazingly, you might be able to live there, too. The development is an usual arrangement. Rather than side-by-side... Continue Reading »

Party Over for Renters?

Yes, it's been a fine year to be a renter. First came the reduced rental rates caused by a wave of additional housing inventory. (Thanks, troubled housing market!) Next came landlords who were willing to negotiate. Some even courted their renters by throwing in some extras and freebies to entice. By January 2010... Continue Reading »

Apartment Foreclosures: Will Yours Be Next?

This week The New York Times chronicled the hubris of Dawnay Day, a high-flying UK real estate investment firm that swooped into the U.S. with big plans to turn shabby apartment buildings into upscale pads with rents to match. (The piece is a swan song for Times real estate reporter Christine Haughney, who was just laid... Continue Reading »

Mattress Fracas Kills Landlord

Voices made you do it? Sooo played out. Try: "the mattress made me do it." Bronx landlord George Shim, 37, lost his life this week when a seriously nutty tenant plunged a kitchen knife into his chest. The reason? A heated quarrel over a mattress. Continue Reading »

Your Next Landlord a Flower Child?

Newsweek reports that the Boomer generation is scooping up housing at reduced rates. Why not? Home prices are sinking and mortgage rates are low. It's the perfect time to snag that vacation home or retirement dwelling. Could a Baby Boomer wind up being your next landlord? Quiet possibly. Newsweek states that "roughly one... Continue Reading »

Is Black Friday Coming for Renters?

Good news, renters! Landlords are getting so desperate they're offering two month's free rent, waiving fees and giving away free parking and other incentives to get potential renters locked into a lease. And according to a recent survey, 70 percent of landlords are willing to lower rent for struggling tenants. Looks like... Continue Reading »

Tips for Renegotiating Rent

The time to ask for a reduction in your rental payments might be now. If you've always paid your rent on time and have not caused your landlord expense or trouble it is a great time to renegotiate your rental rate. (In New York City, some landlords have even been voluntarily reducing rent for good tenants to get those... Continue Reading »

Tips for Pet Owners Seeking an Apartment

As a pet owner, you have some additional considerations when choosing an apartment. Here are some tips. Make sure Fido or Fluffy enjoys your next place! Continue Reading »

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Greener

Doing your part to combat climate change or preserve natural resources? You can, even in an apartment. Here are five simple things you can do to save yourself money and make your apartment greener, too. Continue Reading »

What Happens if Your Landlord is Foreclosed On?

Through nothing that they've done, more renters nationwide are being put out on the streets because their landlords are being foreclosed on. The bad economy and possibly bad business decisions have put some landlords at the center of the foreclosure crisis.Besides being evicted, tenants can lose months of rent and their... Continue Reading »


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