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5 Kinds of People Who Shouldn't Be Landlords

ShutterstockIf your weekends are reserved solely for "me" time, you should skip the idea of investing in real estate. By Leonard Baron Owning rental property can be a great long-term wealth-building tool that is available even to individuals of very modest means. Plus, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science to get... Continue Reading »

Rents Keep Rising Amid Strong Demand for Apartments

ShutterstockEven with more buildings under construction, rents are higher. By Alex Veiga These are good times for U.S. landlords. For many tenants, not so much. With demand for apartments surging, rents are projected to rise for a fifth straight year. Even a pickup in apartment construction is unlikely to provide much... Continue Reading »

How 'Accidental Landlords' Can Turn Losses Into Tax Savings

Shutterstock By Leonard Baron So you've just joined the world of being an "accidental landlord." Maybe you had to relocate, or perhaps you had to downsize. Now you're renting out your personal residence or second home instead of selling it. So what's a landlord to do? Fortunately, most rental property ownership will... Continue Reading »

How Much Do You Know About Renters' Rights?

Zillow By Carey Armstrong Whether you are a renter, or perhaps you have recently become a landlord, how much do you really know about your legal rights and responsibilities? The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are more than 100 million people living in rental housing in America today, which is just less than... Continue Reading »

Rental Property: How to Know Whether It's Worth the Hassle

Shutterstock By Leonard Baron If you bought a rental property during the pre-crash era, you may be feeling the lingering pain of the investment. Whether you're experiencing negative cash flow or the property is simply not as terrific as you'd first hoped, either in terms of quality or location, you're probably wondering... Continue Reading »

Landlords Can Get Tougher on Tenants Under New Law

AP MADISON, WISC. -- Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law a Republican-sponsored bill that gives landlords more power over tenants. Walker signed the bill privately Thursday. It allows landlords to dispose of any property an evicted tenant leaves behind, immediately tow parked vehicles and toss tenants out if a crime... Continue Reading »

Millionaire Landlord Moves Into Crime-Plagued Community on a Mission

KTRK-TV Maybe it's about protecting an investment, or maybe it's about doing the right thing, or maybe it's a bit of both, but a millionaire landlord in Houston says that he's on a mission to make the crime-plagued neighborhood where he owns apartments a much safer place to live. And for starters, he's reportedly living... Continue Reading »

Landlord Faces Life in Prison for Serial Arsons

WZZM-TV A landlord in western Michigan could spend the rest of his life in prison after being sentenced this week as a serial arsonist-for-profit. Gerald Singer, 74, was convicted of arson and fraud relating to a series of fires -- from the mid-1990s until 2007 -- at homes and other buildings that he owned. Singer was... Continue Reading »

Jewish Man Claims Religious Display Got Him Evicted

An Orthodox Jew claims that when he refused to remove a religious object from a doorpost at his Long Island home that his landlady evicted him. Arye Sachs, 53, filed a federal lawsuit against his landlord after his mezuzah, an encased parchment inscribed with a Biblical blessing, was missing from his doorpost when he... Continue Reading »

Alleged Thieves May Have Collected Rent on Someone Else's Foreclosure

Alleged thieves apparently broke in to a foreclosure home in north St. Louis, changed the locks so that they had keys to the house, forged ownership papers, and then rented the place out to an unsuspecting family. Police have charged suspects Winston Clay and Todd Edwards with forgery and stealing. Renter Bertha... Continue Reading »

Landlord on 'Worst' List Faces Jail for 30 Housing Code Violations

A New York landlord has an arrest warrant with his name on it for racking up more than 30 housing code violations during a four-year-period for a Bronx apartment building he owns. That's not the only place Joel Loutan's name appears. It is also on the "Worst Landlords Watchlist" put out by the New York Public Advocate... Continue Reading »

When a Landlord Can Put Your Life in Danger

After a long and arduous apartment search in Brooklyn, Megan Isenstadt and Benjamin Sirota finally found the place of their dreams. The apartment in a cute brownstone building came with its own issues -- but so do most places in New York City. Sometimes their windows wouldn't shut all the way and wood slats in the floor... Continue Reading »

Underwater Borrowers Becoming Accidental Landlords

By Diana Olick Maria Wells said she never intended to be a landlord. She sells real estate; she doesn't invest in it. Now the Florida resident owns two properties. One was her son's, but he had to move to take a new job. The other was hers, but she got married and moved in with her husband. She can't sell either because... Continue Reading »

When You Can Force Your Landlord To Listen To You

Most renters find landlords to be a mixed blessing: great when they take care of clogged drains or leaky ceilings, abysmal when they don't. If you live in a multi-unit dwelling, your landlord will have to comply with certain regulations outlined in each state's tenants' rights code. These will include rights such as... Continue Reading »

Survey: Most Renters Have Pets, Despite the Restrictions

Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of renters have pets, the hassle of trying to find a pet-friendly building doesn't have tenants purring. According to a new survey, 75 percent of renters said they own pets (mainly cats and dogs), which is a significant spike from only 43 percent who said so... Continue Reading »

Landlord Dennis Alan Van Dusen's Smoke Detectors Hid Spy Cameras

A landlord in Chevy Chase, Md., has pleaded guilty to spying on female tenants living in his suburban home and watching them have sex. Dennis Alan Van Dusen, 64, stuck hidden cameras inside smoke detectors in the home to record his tenants' intimate moments with their boyfriends and also filmed them through windows, NBC... Continue Reading »

Illegal Housing: N.Y. County Plans Crackdown on Landlords

Alarmed by the conditions in illegal rental housing that are putting tenants, as well as firefighters, at risk, a county in upstate New York has turned a task force on the problem. In Rockland County, municipal lawmakers, firefighters and health department employees have joined together in an effort to impose strict fines... Continue Reading »

Life After Foreclosure: 7 Tips for Finding a Rental

For the thousands of families affected by foreclosure, finding a new home can prove difficult and time-consuming. Many landlords require credit checks for tenants, which can seriously limit your options after defaulting on a mortgage. For those unlucky enough to fall in this transient category, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox from... Continue Reading »

Tenants: Keep Your Landlord in Check

The landlord tenant relationship is a notoriously difficult one. More often than not, it's an unbalanced struggle of power. But there are measures that tenants can take to keep the peace at home. Renters shouldn't live in a place that barely passes code, but rather a place of comfort and safety lasting more than a 12... Continue Reading »

Bedbug Lawsuits Swarm Landlords

Bedbugs spread a lot of things -- fear, disgust and now, lawsuits. The Real Deal reports on a spate of cases being brought against landlords in New York, the city with the worst bedbug problem in the country. But the Big Apple isn't the only place that the bloodsuckers find tasty. According to statistics from the National... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Rights When Landlord Breaks Rental Agreement

Most people would agree that having a big shade tree on their property is a good thing. One renter in Charlotte, N.C. was under that impression -- until it started growing through a wall of his apartment. His first course of action was notifying his landlord of the problem. He called the landlord, e-mailed him and sent a... Continue Reading »

NYC Rentals More Expensive and Harder to Get

Renters have been enjoying the upper hand for quite a while now, asking -- and getting -- landlords to pay a free month's rent and sometimes even broker's fees. But the ongoing economic crisis has prompted landlords in New York City to do the unexpected, raise rents and do more stringent reference checks, according to the... Continue Reading »

Smart Upgrades Landlords Should Consider

Too many landlords don't want to put in the time, research, and upfront costs to renovate their rental properties. And it's their loss: Improvements could earn them money. But the problem has gotten worse over the last 20 years: Annual maintenance expenditures have decreased 35 percent since the late 1980s. No doubt,... Continue Reading »

Bronx Residents Fear Being Homeless

The Bronx has it hard. It's the New York City borough with the highest unemployment rate. It has the highest violent crime rate. And now, according to the NY Daily News, its residents have more worries about homelessness than those in any other borough. According to a poll by the Institute for Children and Poverty, a... Continue Reading »

Scottish Landlords Fined for Tenants' Partying

Landlords in Edinburgh, Scotland can now be hit with fines if they pull an "ASBO" violation by allowing wild "stag and hen" parties to get out of hand, reports the U.K.-based site Residental Landlord. Wait. What? Let's translate. "ASBO" is shorthand for the anti-social behavior ordinance put in place by Scots. The... Continue Reading »

Southern California's Biggest Landlords on Way to Rental Recovery

For over a year we've reported a decline in the prices for both homes and rentals. Apartment listings have even offered bonuses -- everything from months free to discount cards to gym memberships -- for signing on the dotted line and taking an apartment off the market. But indicators from some of the biggest landlords... Continue Reading »

Got Asthma? Maybe Blame Your Landlord

New York City is fighting asthma in a new way: by forcing 175 slumlords to clean up their act. The City Council is focusing on the worst landlord offenders. These are the slumlords who do not fix conditions such as mold, vermin, insect infestation, and garbage. All of these unsanitary conditions are contributing factors... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Obsessive Safety Concerns

Dear Apartment Guru, A friend of mine died several years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning in a home equipped with a faulty detector. When I was little, two of my cousins were in a terrifying house fire that started because of faulty electrical wiring -- one cousin was badly burned. I know that these things have helped... Continue Reading »

Renters, There's Still Time to Bargain

Yesterday we reminded you that May 1st is moving day. Chances are good that you or someone you know is about to take the big leap into a new place - but don't sign that lease without a little insider's knowledge. According to the UK's National Landlords Association (NLA), landlords are still experiencing high levels of... Continue Reading »

Cali Landlords: Paws off our Pets!

Pet owners and animal rights activists are excited about a proposed California bill. Assemblyman Pedro Nava (D- Santa Barbara), a candidate for state attorney general, introduced legislation that would ban landlords from requiring that tenants' cats are declawed or their dogs are de-barked. Who except the least... Continue Reading »


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