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Search for Sturdier Trees Could Save Communities Millions

John Flesher/The Associated PressProfessor Frank Telewski of Michigan State measures the branch of a shattered white pine in East Lansing. By John Flesher EAST LANSING, Mich. -- A vicious ice storm that made Christmas week a nightmare from the Midwest to Maine shattered hundreds of trees at Michigan State University,... Continue Reading »

Home Sellers and Realtors: Where They Agree and Don't About Marketing a Property

By Samuel Weigley The services of real estate agents can be invaluable, but it seems that most sellers know how to sell their homes. And when it comes to home improvements before putting their houses on the market, agents and sellers mostly agree on what is the best course of action, according to a recent survey conducted... Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal: 5 Low-Cost Easy Landscaping Tips

A minimalist curb-appeal landscaping plan can revitalize any yard that's not in serious trouble. You'll have bright color, lush greens and a well-manicured yard that says, "I'm easy and neat." It turns out, sellers don't need landscaping skills or a fat wallet to win on curb appeal. Here are some quick and simple... Continue Reading »

Xeriscaping: 6 Steps to a Natural, Low Maintenance Lawn

Xeriscaping, or waterless landscaping (or smart-scaping or native-plant landscaping -- whew!), is a great way to save time and money on maintenance for your lawn. By using native plant species and paying close attention to sun exposure, you will rarely have to water your lawn yourself. A well-made xeriscape does the work... Continue Reading »

7 Things Homebuyers Hate

As a home seller, you have way too much competition to let little items sabotage a sale. These seven problems are among the biggest homebuyer turnoffs, and most of them are easy to fix without spending a lot of money. %Gallery-153360% Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal Stunner: Before and After Craftsman

For all you curb appeal skeptics out there, get a load of this stunning Craftsman from our sister site, DIYLife. While the 1913 home certainly had charm before the renovation (pictured above), this thoughtful redesign takes the property to a whole new level. Best of all, the most striking change was probably the easiest... Continue Reading »

Make Your Lawn Eco-Friendly and Low-Maintenance

The prospect of weekly vacuuming and annual steam cleaning is enough to turn off many people to carpet. Dishwashers have gotten so powerful that "pre-rinsing" is becoming as outmoded as vinyl records. Even toilets are self-cleaning. What does this have to do with landscaping? Well, it's a paradox: American homeowners are... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects Under $5,000

Many homeowners look for that elusive home improvement that will make a substantial impact on their home without making a huge dent in their budget. Although everybody has his or her own level of financial resources, many people find that they need to limit their budget to $5,000 or less to circumvent several years of... Continue Reading »

Low-Maintenance Lawn Landscaping

Ellen Stanley of Poway, Calif., a suburb of San Diego, moved with her husband into their home in 1995. "Our yard was very typical of yards planted in the seventies - when our house was built," she explains. "Lots of grass, a pine tree and lots and lots of juniper with oleander." The Stanley's maintained their lawn for 11... Continue Reading »

Air Conditioning: Stay Cool This Summer Without It

It's 105 degrees outside and your air conditioner is on the fritz. The window unit is spewing out hot air. Maybe you never got around to installing the air conditioner in the first place -- you always had luck getting a breeze just by opening up your windows except, as luck would have it, this summer. Or maybe the idea... Continue Reading »

How to Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Yard

As suburban sprawl continues and traffic demands increase everywhere, more homeowners are faced with an annoying byproduct: noise. But there are numerous ways to fight noise. We'll start with your yard. Several "green" solutions exist that, when combined, can reduce the perception of noise. Here are some things you can... Continue Reading »

Design by Avatar: Redecorate or Sell Your Home in 3-D

Until recently homeowners had two choices if they wanted to visualize changes to their home in 3-D: make use of their imagination or hire the services of a professional. But now there exists a wide range of web-based and mobile tools to help visualize your home in three dimensions. Don't make the mistake to think this is... Continue Reading »

Kill Your Lawn, Earn Some Green

Southern California residents have not one, but two thousand more reasons to rip out their water-wasting turf: a check in the mail. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and a handful of other utility companies are paying SoCal residents to rip out their suburban lawns. In exchange, homeowners are required... Continue Reading »

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