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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Lists $28.5 Million Lake Tahoe Mansion

Billionaire Oracle chief Larry Ellison has just listed his Lake Tahoe mansion in Glenbrook, Nev., for a whopping $28.5 million. No surprise to us, really, considering that he's built another mega-mansion on the other side of the lake, which he's just about ready to move into, according to our friends at Curbed. If the... Continue Reading »

Gazillionaire Larry Ellison Lists Mansion at a Loss, Ho-Hum

Don't cry for him Argentina, for the truth is he never visited you anyway. Gazillionaire Larry Ellison has listed his Woodside, Calif., property at $19 million, which is a few million less than he reportedly paid in 2005. Sorry, we're still not crying here; Forbes puts his wealth at about $33 billion, so this is chump... Continue Reading »

Larry Ellison Buys Rancho Mirage Estate at Discount

Larry Ellison, the sixth-richest man in the world, co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation -- a veteran home collector -- just got a deal on one of the most significant and notorious properties in the country. In late January, Ellison snagged an 249-acre estate that once belonged to Edra Blixseth called Porcupine Creek... Continue Reading »

The Fake 'Exclusive' on Steve Jobs' House

Billionaire mansions come and go, but those of America's technology kings have a unique hold on the imagination -- so much so that hungry tech blogs can easily speculate on the real estate follies of the tech gods, regardless of the reality. Take, for example, Gizmodo's "Exclusive: The Plans for Steve Jobs' New... Continue Reading »

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