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BofA to Pay $404 Million to Settle Mortgage Dispute

Chuck Burton/AP By Tanya Agrawal Bank of America said it settled all claims with Freddie Mac arising from residential mortgages sold to the government-backed housing agency through the end of 2009. Bank of America (BAC) will pay $404 million to settle claims related to loans sold to Freddie Mac from Jan. 1, 2000 to Dec.... Continue Reading »

Black Ice: Are You Responsible for Keeping It Off Your Property?

Black ice is a scary sounding term, and for good reason: It leads to car accidents, injuries, and a fear of walking outside in the winter. But are you responsible to clear this invisible menace if it's on your property? If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You... Continue Reading »

Roberta Campbell Loses $4.7 Million Down Payment in Legal Tussle Over NYC Luxury Apartment

Talk about a bad case of buyer's remorse. The ex-wife of Intuit CEO William Campbell lost her $4.7 million down payment on a swanky pad in Manhattan's Upper East Side after she backed out of her contract to buy the $18.5 million home because a few amenities were missing. Roberta Campbell had complained to a judge that... Continue Reading »

Director Antonio Calenda Sues Ex-Lover Natasha Diamond-Walker Over $800,000 Apartment 'Loan'

Who says wisdom comes with age? A 73-year-old Italian theater director is suing a much-younger dancer for nearly $2 million, alleging that the 27-year-old faked a romance with him so that he would buy her a swanky $775,000 New York City apartment. The director, Antonio Calenda (pictured at left), reportedly met Natasha... Continue Reading »

Madonna Broderick of Toronto Almost Loses Arm When Struck By Shattered Glass in Storm

One woman probably regrets taking shelter from the storm. Madonna Broderick, 55, of Toronto, was seeking refuge in an alcove during a thunderstorm when a piece of insulation flew into a pane of glass -- and a large shard of the glass nearly severed her arm, the Toronto Star reported. The glass sliced her from her... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Foreclosure Nightmares: Common's Chicago Home in Jeopardy and More

Rapper Common has been facing some foreclosure trouble with his apartment in Chicago. Bank of America filed legal documents saying that the rapper-turned-actor stopped making monthly mortgage payments in March. The suit claimed that Common and his manager, Derek Dudley, who co-owns the property, owed $345,389.52. Since... Continue Reading »

Los Angeles Sues U.S. Bank, Calls It a 'Slumlord'

By Jonathan Stempel The city of Los Angeles has sued U.S. Bank, accusing a unit of the fifth-largest U.S. commercial bank of becoming one of its biggest slumlords and blighting the city by allowing hundreds of foreclosed homes to fall into disrepair. Monday's civil lawsuit by the office of Los Angeles City Attorney... Continue Reading »

Condo Owner in Dog Fight to Keep 'Prescription Pet'

Condo owners are legally entitled to the same pet allowances as other residents in need: There are guide dogs for the blind and alert dogs for the hard-of-hearing. Their owners are protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act when it comes to keeping the animals at home in a building that might otherwise have a no... Continue Reading »

Pamela Anderson Sues Ex for Not Giving Her Condo

For Pamela Anderson, nothing says "I no longer love you" like a $1 million lawsuit she filed against her ex boyfriend, just days before Valentine's Day. The former bikini-clad Baywatch babe filed a federal lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming a former beau, real estate tycoon Laurence Hallier, owes her the cash in accordance... Continue Reading »

Google Fined $1 for Trespassing

Google has to pay $1 in damages as a result of the driver of one of its Street View cars trespassing on the private property of a Pittsburgh-area couple by driving the vehicle equipped with panaromic cameras about the length of three football fields down a gravel driveway. The driver went past the "No Trespassing Private... Continue Reading »

Don Shula Sues Fla. Village Over Tax Hike

Retired Miami Dolphin football coach Don Shula, 80, and his wife, Mary Anne (pictured left), are suing their village because she says they can't afford a property tax increase that amounts to an additional $3,427 in annual property taxes for their $4.14 million, 13,300-square-foot Indian Creek Island home in Miami Dade... Continue Reading »

Bedbug Lawsuits Swarm Landlords

Bedbugs spread a lot of things -- fear, disgust and now, lawsuits. The Real Deal reports on a spate of cases being brought against landlords in New York, the city with the worst bedbug problem in the country. But the Big Apple isn't the only place that the bloodsuckers find tasty. According to statistics from the National... Continue Reading »

Easter Peeps Display Gets Woman Evicted

Last week a jury in Boulder, Colo. heard testimony from, among others, a so-called "Peeps expert" - yes, an expert in those bird-shaped marshmallow candies - in connection with the case of a tenant who refused to remove Easter decorations from an apartment doorway. Jurors found that the renter, a 60-year old woman named... Continue Reading »

Spice Girl's Scary Reaction Gets Her Sued

Spice Girl Mel B mistook a property appraiser parked outside of her Los Angeles home with a camera for a paparazzo and sic'd her hubby on him. The appraiser, Amada Aguirre, claims he was assaulted by Scary Spice and husband producer Stephen Belafonte while just trying to do his job. Apparently, he was scared enough to file... Continue Reading »

Anderson Cooper's Interior Designer Goes Down

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has found himself at the butt of many pole jokes thanks to the not-so-fancy footwork of an interior designer who accidentally took the shortcut between floors of Cooper's under construction firehouse conversion. While the Silver Fox has been busy straddling the precarious line between journalist... Continue Reading »

Christina Milian in Dog House

Lately R&B singer Christina Milian (real name: Christine Flores) must really feel it's "Us Against the World." Milian is expecting her first child this month. However, her first "baby" - her dog - is causing her legal troubles. Her pet attacked Milian's 81-year-old neighbor and he's suing the songstress. The... Continue Reading »

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