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Tenants' Rights When Landlord Breaks Rental Agreement

Most people would agree that having a big shade tree on their property is a good thing. One renter in Charlotte, N.C. was under that impression -- until it started growing through a wall of his apartment. His first course of action was notifying his landlord of the problem. He called the landlord, e-mailed him and sent a... Continue Reading »

How to Rent an Apartment for Cheap

Allison G. wanted to move to a nice one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills for as little rent per month as possible. Though the median for a one bedroom in the area is $1,850 a month, Allison found her dream apartment--with outdoor space, hardwood floors and parking -- for under $1,400. When you're in the market to rent... Continue Reading »

Renters: Get Your Security Deposit Back

Amanda Flores didn't anticipate any problems getting her rental security deposit back. After all, she paid her portion of the deposit up front to her roommate. In Amanda's view the apartment was nearly perfect, now that she'd cleaned it out and loaded the moving van. There was just one problem: damage to the kitchen... Continue Reading »

Is Flexible Renting in Your Future?

Author and urban-studies theorist Richard Florida has some "tough love" advice for Americans. First, we need to lose our obsession with real estate. In his web-based video produced for The Atlantic titled "The Burden of Homeownership" he says that we need a "more flexible rental system." And when he means "more... Continue Reading »

Online Rental Scams to Avoid

Sure, we've already discussed how to avoid a Craiglist rental scam. But there are even less obvious ones to be concerned about. You know the ones -- they don't immediately send chills, but seem like a very tempting, rare opportunities. These are the "lure listings." They will bite you if you aren't careful! Here are five... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Leaseless in Nevada

Dear Apartment Guru, I live in Henderson, NV. My roommate and I acquired an apartment together -- however, my name is not on the lease. I have paid my half of rent to cover me through May and I believe my roommate may be asking me to leave before the end of the month. By law, how long do I have to vacate the premises as... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Getting Rid of the Roommate From Hell

Dear Apartment Guru, There are three of us sharing an apartment. One of my roommates is just awesome. She is respectful, doesn't eat other people's food without asking, smokes outside the house, keeps the TV and stereo at audible but polite levels, knows how to use dish soap and a vacuum, and if her boyfriend stays over... Continue Reading »

Understanding a Lease Agreement

If you plan on staying in an apartment for more than a month, chances are you'll have to sign a lease agreement.Understanding a lease agreement isn't too difficult. The main thing to understand about a lease is that it sets a term - usually six months or a year but sometimes longer - during which you have the right to rent... Continue Reading »

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