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Are You Living in One of America's Gayest Places?

When you think of gay-friendly areas, your first thoughts are probably New York City and San Francisco, right? Well, sure -- but you'd be surprised at some of the other towns in America that boast the biggest concentrations of gay men and women. The number crunchers at real estate website Trulia looked at 2010 Census... Continue Reading »

1st Gay-Friendly Public Housing to Rise in Philadelphia

In what's being hailed as a first of its kind, a gay-friendly affordable-housing development financed entirely with public money is scheduled to rise in Philadelphia. Last week, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency awarded $11 million in tax credits to the Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund. The credits, combined with $8... Continue Reading »

Housing Market Unprepared for Aging Gay Community

PHILADELPHIA - At age 62, Donald Carter (pictured above) knows his arthritis and other age-related infirmities will not allow him to live indefinitely in his third-floor walk-up apartment in Philadelphia. But as a low-income renter, Carter has limited options. And as a gay black man, he's concerned his choice of senior... Continue Reading »

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