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Madonna Sells NYC Condo at a Discount

By Sara Polsky The residents of the Upper West Side's Harperley Hall probably woke up happy this morning: their neighbor Madonna has finally sold her combo co-op in the building. The buyer, the Journal reports, is hedge fund manager Deepak Narula, who paid "considerably less" than the apartment's most recent $19.995... Continue Reading »

Madonna's House in Beverly Hills on the Market for $22 Million

Just months after the self proclaimed "Material Girl" listed her swanky townhouse on New York City's Upper West Side, Madonna also appears to be throwing her Beverly Hills house on the market -- for $22.5 million. Madonna has owned the luxurious mansion for almost a decade (Madge allegedly purchased the home when she... Continue Reading »

Madonna's NYC Apartment on the Market for $23.5 Million

Maybe Madonna's stalker had something to do with the move? Although Robert Linhart faces up to a year in jail after resisting arrest outside Madonna's New York City property in 2010, the singer has decided to put her Central Park West duplex (where the incident took place) up for sale at $23.5 million. According to The... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Live Where Madonna Once Called Home

This $18.5 million house has a serious Hollywood pedigree. Built in 1926 on over half an acre, it was once owned by Harry Cohn, Betty Grable, Diane Keaton and Madonna. Keaton totally renovated the house, which now includes an oversized master suite that overlooks the property's well-manicured grounds. The seven-bedroom,... Continue Reading »

Where They Grew Up: Celebrities' Childhood Homes

By Erika Riggs Before they were hits in Hollywood, they were tikes in Texas. And before they cut their first hit records, or won their first gubernatorial campaign, they were teens in Detroit. That's right, even the most glamorous stars and most influential politicos had to come from Somewhere, U.S.A. On that note,... Continue Reading »

Madonna's Childhood Home Lists for $49K

Before Madonna spoke the Queen's English, back when she use'ta tawk like dis on the mean streets of Detroit, her Madgesty lived in this humble Rochester Hills, Mich., home. And for the rock-bottom price of $48,600, you can own this four-bedroom slice of pop history. Unfortunately, the years have not been kind to the Queen... Continue Reading »

Lady Gaga Buying a Scottish Castle?

Flamboyant pop chameleon Lady Gaga has been unloading some of her newfound wealth by trying on some top properties as if they were wild pants-free costumes. Most recently, reports say, her interest in real estate has been piqued by something more stately and remote (although still showy). The Lady is said to have made an... Continue Reading »

New York City: Nicolas Sarkozy's Brother Selling Town House for $11.95M

French president Nicolas Sarkozy may be the more famous Sarkozy brother, but his younger half-brother Olivier Sarkozy is certainly the more moneyed one. Olivier -- or Oliver, as he is known in the U.S. -- is managing director and head of global financial services for the Carlyle Group. Opting for a more downtown Manhattan... Continue Reading »

Christina Milian in Dog House

Lately R&B singer Christina Milian (real name: Christine Flores) must really feel it's "Us Against the World." Milian is expecting her first child this month. However, her first "baby" - her dog - is causing her legal troubles. Her pet attacked Milian's 81-year-old neighbor and he's suing the songstress. The... Continue Reading »

Madonna Hops on Hamptons Horse Farm

As the saying goes, if you fall off a horse, get back on. Or in the case of Madonna, buy a 30-acre horse farm in toney Bridgehampton, Long Island. Earlier this month came word that the pop star was purchasing Wild Ocean Farm for under $10 million from owner Kelly Klein, (Calvin Klein's ex). The Material Gal is also... Continue Reading »

Madonna Tames Wild Horses

First Madonna angered her neighbors with loud, stomping dance sessions in her apartment. Now she's purchased Wild Ocean Farm, a stomping ground for horses. Her apartment neighbors shouldn't breathe a sigh of relief, however. Madge isn't moving: the property does not include a house and possibly never will. The New York... Continue Reading »

Renters Are Talking About...

Want to know the most stressed out city, smartest city, how to throw a football party or who the hell is crazy enough to sue Madonna? Then you may have missed the top stories on RentedSpaces this week. Here it is: All the rental news you can use, and then some. Continue Reading »

Madonna Makes Lousy Neighbor

Who would be crazy enough to threaten The Material Mom? Answer: Madonna's Manhattan neighbor Karen George. George isn't too happy with the noises under the floor and filed a suit on Friday against the building's management company. According to the suit, Madge has been training in her 7th floor apartment for one to three... Continue Reading »

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