may 21 2011 - Articles

Zombie-Proof Your Home Before Friday's Rapture

Harold Camping, the evangelical Henny Penny of the Apocalypse, has got that feeling again. This time, the 90-year-old prophet is claiming that the world will "probably" end Oct. 21, 2011. What are the odds he goes 0-2? (Let's not revisit his predictions throughout the '90s for the moment.) To hedge your bets on the eve of... Continue Reading »

What Would a Post-Rapture Real Estate Market Look Like?

As we all know by now, last weekend's predicted end of the world didn't happen. (In fact, in real estate terms it was just the opposite: data released Monday showed a spike in new home sales.) But the notion of the Rapture got our Daily Finance colleague Bruce Watson thinking about what would happen to all those homes left... Continue Reading »

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