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Cell Towers Near Homes? Battle in Mesa, Ariz., Typifies Fears Nationwide

Though palm trees evoke an idyllic desert oasis, that's hardly the case for frustrated residents of Mesa, Ariz. That's because a "palm tree" set to be planted in the Phoenix suburb isn't what it seems: It's a camouflaged cellular tower. In late October, the Federal Communications Commission ordered service provider... Continue Reading »

Video Shows Gas Thief Setting Self on Fire, Crashing Truck Into Home in Mesa, Ariz.

A homeowner's surveillance camera caught a would-be gas thief in Mesa, Ariz., bungling his crime and setting himself, the car he was trying to siphon fuel from and a house on fire. Police said that suspect Herbert C. Ridge has himself to blame for messing up the crime because he was using a motorized pump to siphon gas... Continue Reading »

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