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Criminal Past Turns Family's Dream Home Into Nightmare

After years of renting, Jonathan and Beth Hankins were excited to purchase their own home in Klamath Falls, Ore. They found their dream home in a neighborhood of young families. The house had previously been foreclosed on and needed some renovations, so they added a fresh coat of paint, re-tiled the bathrooms and... Continue Reading »

Former Meth Lab Home For Sale -- Just Don't Ask to Look Inside

The newly listed home at 2380 Crock Road in Loudon, Tenn., seems like a steal: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms and selling for only $8,500. But maybe not, if you consider that the home is a former meth lab. In 2010, three men were arrested and sent to prison for using the house to produce methamphetamine. The men left the... Continue Reading »

My Home Was a Former Meth Lab

Do you live near a meth lab? Click on the map above to see which counties have the largest number of contaminated sites. By Les Christie Call it crystal, crank or ice -- you don't want to live in a house where methamphetamine was cooked up. Many Americans, however, unwittingly purchase homes or rent apartments... Continue Reading »

New Ohio Law Requires Meth Lab Disclosure to New Owners

Turns out crystal meth, a synthetic illegal drug that is extremely destructive to humans, is almost as bad for home values. And the chances that meth has been produced in your dream house are greater than you might think. It's normally hard to detect, but meth residue can produce highly toxic fumes. So how will you know... Continue Reading »

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