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California's Biggest Landlord Bans Smoking in Apartments

First you couldn't smoke in your office. Then you couldn't smoke in restaurants or bars. Now your own apartment? The Towbes Group Inc., which owns 2,000 units in 13 apartment complexes in Santa Barbara, Calif., became the largest apartment group in the state to ban residential smoking. In January, a new California law... Continue Reading »

Michael Bloomberg Mansion: Exclusive First Pix

Last week, we reported that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped $20 million--pocket change for Hizzoner -- on a 35-acre estate in the Long Island town of Tuckahoe. Now the intrepid crew at Southampton Patch brings us the first aerial photos of the 11-bedroom estate, known as Ballyshear, which sits hard by the... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Central: Bedford Hills, N.Y.

Bedford, New York, may not be the perfect small town, but clearly many A-list celebrities think it comes awfully close. The town of Bedford -- which includes Katonah, Bedford Village and Bedford Hills -- is currently home to Martha Stewart, billionaire financier George Soros and Ralph Lauren, among others. Mark David of... Continue Reading »

Latest Foreclosure Aid: Free Lawyers

Lots of government officials have promised to help homeowners facing foreclosure, but New York City is finally offering homeowners something of real value: free legal aid to help them negotiate a fair deal from their banks. "No family facing the loss of their home should be without representation," says New York City... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Prevention, Take 2: Try Cash

Among the usual promises to streamline government services and help the unemployed get jobs, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's State of the City address earlier this week heralded something you don't usually hear in these kinds of speeches: in the mayor's words, "the most ambitious foreclosure prevention effort of... Continue Reading »

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