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Prairie House (Style Spotlight)

By Bud Dietrich, AIA As the 19th century waned and the 20th century was dawning, a group of architects and designers in the Upper Midwest banded together to form the Prairie School. An entirely new approach to domestic design, the Prairie School featured a new language. Rooms made of four walls and small holes for... Continue Reading »

Modern vs. Contemporary Houses (Style Spotlight)

By John Hill What's the difference between modern and contemporary architecture? Why the distinction? At its most literal, "contemporary" is the architecture being produced now, the architecture of the moment. "Modern" architecture breaks with the past -- specifically the traditional styles pre-dating the Industrial... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Mod Lighting From Gretel Home!

Know what it's like to shop at an online store that changes its look with every season? You will if you browse through Gretel, a Miami-based online design shop founded by British interior designer, Abby Kellet. Kellet treats her store sections like window displays, and has her products photographed in different themes,... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Stylish iPad Cases from Portel!

Whether you're an iPad owner or not, you've heard about it, thought about it and probably hope to get your hands on it. But if you plan on investing $500-$700 on a new gadget that the entire world can't stop talking about it, it's probably best you protect it. Luckily, there's Portel, a Tallinn, Estonia-based sleeve- and... Continue Reading »

Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Furniture from Modlife

Would you like to own a piece of history, and then, be grouped in the same category as Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, Brad Pitt and Giorgio Armani? You can, and now--at a discount. All you need are good taste; an appreciation for modern furniture designed by Vladimir Kagan, a call in to the Chicago furniture shop, Modlife;... Continue Reading »

Home Addition Made Simple

It's a shed. It's a work studio. It's a bedroom for your mother-in-law. Yes! We're talking about pre-fabricated home additions by the Seattle-based Modern Shed. These structures are unattached to the primary home and can range from uninsulated traditional storage sheds to the more finished 'modern shed' complete with... Continue Reading »

Solar House Has Brief Broadway Stint

Yesterday, a solar house landed in New York's Times Square. Dubbed the Lumenhaus, the high-tech home is Virginia Tech's award-winning entry in the 2009 Solar Decathlon. It was supposed to remain open to the public through Sunday, but it's Broadway debut was cut short when it was dismantled late last night due to permit... Continue Reading »

The Giant Tiny House Blog

Kent Griswold hasn't turned his dream into reality – yet – but he's making a living blogging about it. His passion? Tiny houses. And he may have hit on something. Griswold, 51, started his blog, Tiny House Blog, a few years ago just to have a place to put his assorted photos and links collected during years of... Continue Reading »

Live in the Twilight Home, Dead or Alive

Good news, vampire lovers: the moody, wooded home of the Twilight movies' Cullen family is on the market, and can be yours for a cool $3.3 million. The 1/2-acre property that passes for gloomy Forks, Wa., in the movie is actually located outside of Vancouver, B.C. At 5,000 square feet and with five bedrooms, the house... Continue Reading »

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