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Can't Get a Mortgage? Here's Why

By Chris Birk Left out in the cold by a tight lending climate, prospective homebuyers are finally starting to see a thaw. Fifty-one percent of respondents to the latest Fannie Mae National Housing Survey indicated it's now likely easier to secure a mortgage. That latest burst of confidence could help keep the housing... Continue Reading »

Want a Mortgage? Avoid These 8 Mistakes

The housing inventory is flush with choices. Interest rates are at record lows. And you're ready to buy a house. There is likely just one thing standing between you and home ownership: Getting a lender to approve your mortgage. Here are eight ways not to sabotage your plans. 1. Don't quit your job or decide to become... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Applications, Refis Hurt by Job Market Stagnation

Minnesota homeowner Matt Kreger refinanced his $168,000 mortgage into a 4.75 percent 30-year fixed-rate three weeks ago, to get out of a 5-year, interest-only ARM with a 5.7 percent rate, which was set to change at the end of September. Borrowers such as Kreger were part of a push before Labor Day to close on the... Continue Reading »

ACORN Housing Sprouts New Identity

When the community organizing group ACORN fell to a notorious video sting last year by conservative activists posing as a "pimp" and a "ho," some of the biggest losers were thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure. Fortunately for them, ACORN's affiliated housing organization has returned under a new identity, as the... Continue Reading »

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