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Top 10 ZIP Codes for Expensive Home Sales at $10 Million and Above

By Robert Frank The rich have always liked to live near other rich. It's what F. Scott Fitzgerald referred to as the "consoling proximity of millionaires." But with the housing recovery and global wealth now in full swing, the nation's richest ZIP Codes just seem to be getting richer. A new report shows that Beverly... Continue Reading »

10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in America

You've likely never heard of some of the towns where you can find the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in America. There's the little-known Northern California town of Ross, established more than 100 years ago on a tract of land owned by a Scottish liquor wholesaler named James Ross. It doesn't get any media attention,... Continue Reading »

Most Expensive House in Most Expensive Zip Code: Is It Worth It?

It may look like Newport, R.I., but it's actually New Jersey -- the Jersey that Manhattanites and Americans of all stripes love to mock. But Alpine, N.J., is far from the Jersey Shore of "Snooki" and "The Situation." Just six miles away from Manhattan, it is the most expensive zip code in the United States, according to... Continue Reading »

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