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Upstate New York Seeing an Exodus

Mike Groll/The Associated Press By Michael Hill ALBANY, N.Y. -- Melissa Grothues and John Steele bailed from Buffalo last year. Dissatisfied with their bank jobs, the 25-year-old college graduates sold the house in suburban Amherst, posted ads for possessions on Craigslist and drove cross country to San Diego for a... Continue Reading »

How to Make Moving Cross-Country Go Smoothly

Shutterstock By Niccole Schreck Moving to a new state is an exciting change, but it's also one that comes with a fair amount of stress. After all, picking up all of your belongings and relocating cross-country takes even more preparation and effort than moving across town -- and moving across town is stressful enough.... Continue Reading »

Making the Move for a Job? How Employer Can Smooth the Way

Moving to a new place can be one of the most stressful of life's events, and when your employer asks you to pull up stakes and move to parts unknown, or you've started a totally new job, that can add another layer of anxiety. Enter professional corporate relocation services. In most cases, if your employer is picking up... Continue Reading »

Selling Your Home Remotely

By Brendon DeSimone In recent years, many homeowners couldn't sell their homes because they couldn't get the price they needed. Many were fortunate enough to stay in their homes, but others moved because of job transfers or other life changes. Many ended up renting out their homes rather than taking a big hit when selling... Continue Reading »

Most Popular Cities to Move to in 2012

The U.S. Census Bureau said that 36.5 million people 1 year old and older relocated in 2012, but where? Penske Truck Rental, a global transportation services company, gives us a hint with its list of the most popular cities to move to in 2012. Penske says that its list is based on truck-rental reservations for one-way... Continue Reading »

Moving Day Horror Stories

By Mary Boone Moving from one residence to another is widely acknowledged as a stress-inducing activity. In fact, "moving" often scores among the Top 10 when people are asked to identify stressful life events. Consult AOL Real Estate's Moving Guides Sure, some household moves go smoothly. Others? Let's just say if... Continue Reading »

Generation Y Cities: 5 Metros Where Millennials Should Move

By Jerry Kronenberg BOSTON -- With mobile phones, mobile computing, Foursquare and GPS, Generation Y seems like it's always on the move -- but where should its 20- and 30-something members be moving to? Move Inc., parent company of and other relocation-oriented Web sites, recently assessed dozens of... Continue Reading »

10 Things You Don't Want to Leave Behind When You Move

By Jason Notte NEW YORK -- Moving day is a giant logistical hassle before you get to the minutiae. A missed detail just makes it that much worse. Renting a truck, hiring movers and getting stuff packed up and out of the house are the relatively easy portions of the move. Only when you get second notices forwarded to your... Continue Reading »

10 Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Summer isn't all fun and games: It's also a time when many of us move, an experience most people find painful -- often in the lower back -- and definitely in the wallet. We talked to some savings and relocation experts and they came up with 10 ways moving can be a little less painful to the wallet: 1. Pull your friends... Continue Reading »

Spring Sellers Try House Swap Instead

Wendy Bauwens is no stranger to swapping. As a horse trainer, she has traded a harness for a new website and a riding lesson for a haircut. Today, however, she's lining up her biggest swap yet: her horse farm, Sunnyside Farms (pictured at left), located near Bozeman, Mont., for something closer to the ocean. A new place... Continue Reading »

The Advantages of Furnished Rentals

Loni Maynard moved to a small Ohio town after college. "I got a job on a local paper," she explains. "I found myself looking mostly at furnished rentals, since generally they were attached to the homes of the landlords in one way or another." Renting a furnished home might seem like a very old world prospect, however, it... Continue Reading »

10 Reasons to Be Thankful You're a Renter

The holiday season doesn't mean you are automatically thankful for everything about life. After all, you are still among the lowly renters in a world where it feels like everyone else owns. Let's face it, owners are the ones who have it made. Or are they? Here are 10 reasons to be thankful that you rent: Continue Reading »

Moving Tips for Every Season

Moving is one of life's most stressful occurrences, even on a sunny day. Add snow, sleet, rain, extreme temperatures or even poor timing and moving can become unbearable. But a little bad weather shouldn't gum up the works -- you just need to be prepared. "The show goes on, no matter rain or sun," says Paul at One Big Man... Continue Reading »

Moving Cost: Ways to Budget Your Move

Sharmaine R. has moved three times within Los Angeles in the past year and a half. In the three years before that, she moved five times -- including to and from another city. "I've learned that planning is key to keeping your moving costs where you want it to be," she says. Sharmaine has completed all types of moves and... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Letting Go of Sentimental Objects

Sentimental objects can be difficult to part with because they have meaning -- they aren't just random trinkets or clutter. But keeping and displaying sentimental items is especially difficult for tiny-space dwellers. If you're faced with the problem of too many meaningful mementoes and not enough room, here are a few ways... Continue Reading »

Moving Boxes: The Ultimate Guide

You may have not have put much thought into the topic of what moving boxes you'll use for your next move. But it's a bigger decision than you think. The type of moving and storage boxes range in size, materials and construction. And choosing the correct moving boxes for the job could streamline the moving process, save you... Continue Reading »

Moving Yourself: How to Move the Big Stuff

Whether you're moving yourself or hiring a professional moving company, things can arrived damaged. I speak from experience: When we bought our house my husband and I searched endlessly for the perfect dining room set and finally found it, only to have one of the chairs arrive broken. The moving company gave us an... Continue Reading »

Don't Move It: Yard Sale Tips and More

When Leah Anderson relocated from Indiana to Fort Myers, Fla. she knew that, to make her move easier, she was going to have to have a yard sale to get rid of years worth of items she had collected. Rather than throw her own yard sale, Anderson went the nontraditional route and sought the assistance of her brokers and... Continue Reading »

Moving With Storage Containers: Packing, Unpacking Made Easy

Without a storage container, Cher Woehl's cross-country move would not have been possible. Woehl had just three weeks to pack up her 4,500-square-foot home in California for a move to her fiancé's 2,200 square-foot log cabin Frederick, Md. While she considered hiring a moving company to pack for her, she wanted a... Continue Reading »

How to Get an Accurate Moving Quote

Andrew Woodworth didn't realize how expensive his move would be until it was all over. Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn in April of last year, Woodworth originally received a moving quote of $700. In the end, he paid $825. Why was the moving quote so different from the actual price? "When the movers showed up in the... Continue Reading »

Movers: Hire Professionals or Do-It-Yourself?

With only a few belongings, Molly Rankin didn't need movers when she moved into her first Chicago apartment out of college. But the story was different when she relocated to a new apartment last year. Throughout her early 20s, she accumulated more personal belongings, including large furnishings -- like a bed, couch and... Continue Reading »

Moving In? Make These Home Improvements First

Bridget and Alan Kolb purchased their home in Mooresville, N.C. because of its proximity to the race shops of NASCAR (their favorite hobby) and because of its beautiful lakefront views. Inside, though, the place needed significant home improvements. The Kolbs decided to tackle the home improvements before moving in, to... Continue Reading »

Buying Insurance: How to Cover Your Next Move

Moving insurance -- it's a factor many don't consider while they're in the process of moving. Whether you're moving across town or across state lines, countless scenarios could occur that endanger your move -- from movers breaking your personal possessions during packing or unpacking to other unforeseen... Continue Reading »

Moving With Kids: More Fun, Less Stress

If moving is stressful for adults, imagine what it must be doing to your children! So if you're moving with kids, it's essential to consider how they feel. Our experts say the key to make moving with kids less stressful and more fun is communication and preparation. Joshua Becker, the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist,... Continue Reading »

Changing Rentals? Save on Your Next Move

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, renters have much higher rates of moving than homeowners. The website,, shows that the average cost of hiring a mover for a two-bedroom apartment runs from $300 to $450, and a three-bedroom unit could cost as much as $600 to 900. So it stands to reason that moving every... Continue Reading »

Make Moving Easy With a Moving Checklist

The first thing Niamh Cahill did after she signed a contract to buy her new home in New Jersey was to map out a moving checklist. "I had to break it down, to think small at first," she said. "If I thought about the whole move, I would have been completely overwhelmed." So she called the movers, set a date, and then... Continue Reading »

Unpacking After Moving: Just as Tough as Packing

By the time the movers left her new home in Maplewood, N.J., Niamh Cahill was surrounded by more than 50 moving boxes. But after five weeks of packing for this move, she wasn't going to let unpacking a few moving boxes intimidate her. The key to successfully unpack moving boxes, say experts, is to plan well on the... Continue Reading »

Moving With Pets: 6 Steps for Less Stress

When Manhattanite Mandi Pek was moving into her new apartment, she wasn't worried about the packing, or the renovations, or even the time off from work. She was worried most about moving her pet Harley, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu. "I had brought Harley home at 9 weeks old," Pek says. "It was the only home she has ever... Continue Reading »

Make Moving Day Easy

The night after Liz Kocourek moved into her new Manhattan apartment, she got a call from her bank about erratic charges on one of her credit cards. It was a spare card that she had thrown into a bag with a bunch of other random belongings before her move. When she went looking for her charge card, it was nowhere to be... Continue Reading »

The Right Moving Supplies for a Smooth Move

Keats Myer decided that in order to save money when she moved her family from New Jersey to New Hampshire, she would do as much of the packing herself as she could. And if an item was coming with her, she explains, it wasn't going to break. Her moving supply of choice: bubble wrap. . "I had tons of it," she says. "I packed... Continue Reading »


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