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How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Hideaway beds are one of the most creative, space saving ideas out there. Especially, for those of us who live in very tiny spaces. When you have company over for a dinner party or want to spread out to work on a crafting project, you can literally hide your bed. Let's take a look at the history of the hideaway beds... Continue Reading »

Hidden Mattress Way Cooler Than Murphy Bed

Build a better mousetrap and you'll catch more mice. Build a better bed and you'll catch more zzzzzz's. You might even catch the attention of your design-appreciating friends, too, if you spring for this spare, not-a-Murphy-bed set-up. Fresh from the "Hellz yes, I'm over blow-up mattresses" file, we found this: the... Continue Reading »

Murphy Bed Slash Bad Idea

Is it a bed? A desk? A bedesk? No matter what you call it, the murphy-bed-slash-desk, dubbed the Ulisse Desk Space Saving System will definitely free up floor space in your studio pad. It will also give your feng shui consultant more billable hours than you could possibly afford as she determines the best cure for such... Continue Reading »

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