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6 Tips to Negotiating Your Lease Agreement

By Jessica Hickock The time to negotiate your lease agreement is not when you are sitting down at the table with the landlord and/or property manager ready to sign the agreement. You need to talk the terms through before the lease signing date is set, but not until after you have an approved application. If you start off... Continue Reading »

Twisting Landlord's Arm So Last Year

Finally! The shift in power is here. Not so long ago, if you asked for a rent reduction your landlord might have hung up on you. Now, with vacancy rates reaching 23-year highs (according to The Wall Street Journal) you, dear renter, have the negotiating equivalent of a circus strongman. The numbers tell the story. We... Continue Reading »

Tips for Renegotiating Rent

The time to ask for a reduction in your rental payments might be now. If you've always paid your rent on time and have not caused your landlord expense or trouble it is a great time to renegotiate your rental rate. (In New York City, some landlords have even been voluntarily reducing rent for good tenants to get those... Continue Reading »

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