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'Neighbor From Hell' on Trial for 'Terrorizing' Residents

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-518825{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-518825, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-518825{width:570px;height:411px;display:block;} Residents of a Miami neighborhood claim that neighbor Mitchell Igelko has been terrorizing them for... Continue Reading »

Neighbors From Hell: What You Can Do to Stop the Bullies Next Door

With its 39 miles of coastline, its freshwater beaches and its lush, Southern New England landscape, life in the peaceful town of Warwick, R.I., might seem to be nothing short of heavenly. But it's turned out to be hell for Craig Fontaine and Kathleen Melker. It's not that the couple doesn't live well in their cozy,... Continue Reading »

After 37 Years, 'Neighbors From Hell' May Finally Face Eviction

We've seen plenty of cases of homeowners displaying brazen disregard for their neighbors. There was a resident who tried to sabotage the sale of a home next door by trumpeting all the reasons why he'd be an awful neighbor, for example, as well as a man in Australia who erected an outdoor sculpture of a hand with an... Continue Reading »

Renters: Use Neighbors to Save Money

Marla Mathless had been a renter in her downtown Manhattan building for seven years before she formally met her neighbor. "He came over and asked if I'd split my cable costs with him," she says. "He said he couldn't afford it anymore and wanted to just drill a small hole in the wall to run the cable into both apartments.... Continue Reading »

Rental Party Rules: Apartment Entertaining

Ever been the victim of a party in your apartment building? Loud music, banging floorboards, drunken party guests spilling out into the halls? "Renting is a group sport," says Naomi Kay, a store manager in Toledo, Ohio. "People forget. I used to live below these idiots. Everyone used to call the cops on them, pretty much... Continue Reading »

The Search for New Neighbors

Dear Apartment Guru, I live in a four-unit brownstone and my upstairs neighbors are getting ready to move out. I love them. Our dogs play together and they are perfect neighbors. My problem is, my dog hates cats so I am hoping whoever moves in doesn't have a cat. Also, I REALLY don't want young kids moving in up there... Continue Reading »

Where There's (Pot) Smoke There's Fire

Dear Apartment Guru, I am a building manager who is running into some issues with a few of my tenants. It would seem that a few of them are smoking marijuana. Then there is my one tenant who calls me regularly to tell on them. The tattletale is a new tenant. Everyone else has lived there for a while. They are all good... Continue Reading »

Smoker Rights in a Smoke-Free Building

Dear Apartment Guru, I have been living in my Buffalo, N.Y. apartment for six years. I am, and have been a cigarette smoker the entire time. Lately several of my neighbors have been making such a big deal about those of us who smoke in the building, that our building management has decided to make the building smoke... Continue Reading »

Neighborly Revenge With the 'Dear Girls Above Me'

Bad neighbors should be avoided at all costs, since there are so many ways that living beside strangers in the close quarters of an apartment building can go wrong: hearing the awkward sounds of copulation; inadvertently catching late-night arguments in which you shouldn't be involved; smelling the consequences of a... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Peeping Tom Prevention

Dear Apartment Guru, My neighbor and I have adjoining balconies separated by a wall. He has a little dog that easily slips through over to our side. Whenever this happens, the neighbor proceeds to crawl over the wall to fetch his yappy dog. Sometimes my roommates and I "entertain" in our living room (not at the same... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: Garbage out, Garbage Stench in

Dear Apartment Guru, I moved into my place at the end of last summer and realized very quickly that the building's garbage, which coincidentally piles up outside my living room windows, is unbearably stinky. I spoke to the landlord and we walked the perimeter and figured out that there are apartment windows above every... Continue Reading »

Top Posts on RentedSpaces This Week

Let RentedSpaces teach you a few new tricks this week: how to hail a taxi the high-tech way, how to live with less, how to hire a hot handyman, and more. It was all here on RentedSpaces this week. Apartment Guru: How to Handle Noisy Sex-Door Neighbors RentedSpaces' own Apartment Guru tackles the delicate question of how... Continue Reading »

Apartment Guru: How to Handle Noisy Sex-Door Neighbors

Dear Apartment Guru, The walls in my building are paper-thin and I always hear my neighbors-whether they are arguing or being overly amorous. Unfortunately, they seem to do both a lot (although not always at the same time-not kidding). How can I bring up this subject with them without straining what is an otherwise okay... Continue Reading »

Chicago Home Sales Dented by Racist 'Yard Art'

It's hard enough to sell a home sitting next to a neighbor who refuses to mow their lawn and patch up a dilapidated roof, or one that plays music with rib-rattling subwoofers turned up to 11 in the wee hours of the night, but what happens when a man living on your block posts racist signs on his garage? The answer, for... Continue Reading »

Crazy Neighbors Demand Dog Surgically Debarked

Like chainsmokers and serial renovators, noisy dogs make bad neighbors. Citronella collars and extra training are the traditional measures of last resort. But is debarking surgery staging a comeback? This morning's New York Times has a front page story about an Upper East Side family that surgically debarked their... Continue Reading »

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