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New Mortgage Rules: 4 Things You Need to Know

Shutterstock By Erin Lantz You may have heard that new mortgage rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take effect today. If you're shopping for a home or planning to refinance your mortgage, you may be thinking: Isn't getting a home loan already a lot tougher than it used to be? Will these new CFPB... Continue Reading »

New Mortgage Rules Take Effect: Housing Sector Braces for Headaches

AP By Emily Stephenson and Margaret Chadbourn U.S. banks and housing groups are bracing for paperwork headaches and delays as major post-crisis mortgage reforms take effect later this week, but experts say prior warnings of a blow to the housing recovery will not be proven right. On Friday, lenders must be prepared to... Continue Reading »

New Mortgage Rules and Foreclosure: Do They Do Enough to Help Borrowers?

By Les Christie Federal officials issued new rules for mortgage servicers Thursday aimed at protecting homeowners facing foreclosure. But consumer groups say the rules don't do enough to help prevent borrowers from unnecessarily losing their homes. Since the housing crisis began, many mortgage servicers -- which collect... Continue Reading »

New Mortgage Rules Unveiled by CFPB

Federal regulators for the first time are laying out rules aimed at ensuring that mortgage borrowers can afford to repay the loans they take out. The new mortgage rules being unveiled Thursday by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau impose a range of obligations and restrictions on lenders, including bans on the risky... Continue Reading »

No-Fee Mortgage Option Is on the Way

By Jennifer Liberto NEW YORK -- Lenders would have to offer potential homebuyers an option to get mortgages with no fees, under a rule proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Generally, homeowners pay fees and points in exchange for lower overall interest rates on mortgage loans. "Consumers... Continue Reading »

Consumer Bureau Targets Predatory Lending

By James O'Toole The federal government is considering a new set of rules on mortgage origination that it says would make the process simpler and more transparent for borrowers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, said Wednesday that the new rules will focus... Continue Reading »

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