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13 Ways to Sell Your Home in 2013

As the housing recovery that began last year continues to gain steam into 2013, selling your home may become less of a headache. But you can be sure of one thing: You're always likely to make the process easier if you use smart marketing tactics. Some of them are givens: De-clutter your home for open houses, enhance... Continue Reading »

Quick and Easy Home Makeovers for the New Year

By Lisa Kaplan Gordon It's a new year, and an ambitious resolution that always falls on our list (of resolutions that inevitably get broken) is a home makeover. What a daunting task, it seems! But there are easy home fixes that won't take you more than 15 minutes to do, and they'll have your place looking fresh and... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2013: Best and Worst Cities in the New Year

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2013! We're barely into the new year, and we're already thinking about what we can expect from the housing market in the next 12 months. Luckily, our friends at online real estate site Trulia were thinking the same thing. They rounded up 13 of the healthiest markets in the U.S. going into... Continue Reading »

2013 Housing Market Trends: What Will Be Different Than 2012

One year ago, I wrote: "Even the best possible 2012 won't get us halfway back toward normal." That turns out to be true, but barely: the latest Trulia Housing Barometer, for October, showed us that the market is 47 percent back to normal. And this year, we launched the Trulia Price Monitor -- which revealed back in March... Continue Reading »

5 Real Estate New Year's Resolutions You Should Make

By Brendon Desimone At the end of every December, people make all kinds of resolutions for the coming year. Typically, these are things they want to improve about themselves, ways to make their day-to-day personal or work life better, or ideas to put them on track for a change. Many times these surface as a result of... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2013: Predictions of What's to Come

By Nin-Hai Ting We watched for more home sales and rising prices in 2012. Here's our housing market predictions for next year. Buying Gets Less Affordable The bust of the housing market five years ago created one of the cheapest times to buy. Across many parts of the U.S., even in some of the priciest markets... Continue Reading »

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