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Unreal Estate: Home Seller Throws In $1,000 Worth of Booze

Looking for a way to sweeten the deal in order to sell your home? Well, don't. Try something with a little more kick to create buzz -- literally. That's what Melanie Gravdal, a homeowner in Glenview, Ill., is doing by offering a $1,000 bar tab to the buyer of her home, The Associated Press reports. Gravdal is offering the... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage Eats Loss on R.I. Mansion Sale

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to real estate woes, but his latest sale could place him in the realm of MC Hammer-level mismanagement. The Academy Award-winning actor has sold his 24,000-square-foot, 12-bedroom Middleton, R.I. estate for $6.2 million – less than half of what he paid for it in 2007. Cage purchased the... Continue Reading »

Biggest Loser: Celebrity Home Edition

The "Great Recession" has been anything but great for most peoples' bottom line. According to the National Bankruptcy Research Center, over 1.5 million people have declared bankruptcy in 2010, while RealtyTrac reports that 1.05 million homes went into foreclosure the same year. Both of these rates are record high... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage Former Vegas Home Up for Sale (Again)

Nicolas Cage has had more than his share of real estate woes. Now his former Las Vegas home is back on the market. Diedre Woollard at our sister site,, explores whether the property's luck has improved. Around this time last year we heard that the Las Vegas home that once belonged to Nicolas Cage has finally... Continue Reading »

Halloween Real Estate: Real Haunted Houses

Visiting haunted houses is a Halloween staple. People pay to walk through buildings to experience spookily costumed characters, eerie sounds and ghostly apparitions. Most of these haunted houses are just dressed up for the occasion, but there are some homes in the U.S. that visitors say are haunted year-round, by the sound... Continue Reading »

Nic Cage's Latest Real Estate Disaster: A Pyramid Tomb

Nicolas Cage's housing troubles are enough to drive a man to his grave. Perhaps that's what he was thinking when he erected a 9-foot-tall pyramid-shaped tomb in a New Orleans cemetery. Who knows why Cage decided on this design, but as first reported in TMZ, it is possible it's because his film National Treasure used such... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage Auction Is A Dud

Ouch. Nicolas Cage's Bel Air home had no bidders at a foreclosure auction held at the Pomona courthouse yesterday, reports Luxist. His Malibu properties -- hundreds of acres prime for development -- were also auctioned at a separate liquidation. No takers there either, reports TMZ. As his debt and real estate woes drag... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Real Estate Round-Up

The past week was a swirl of celebrity real estate news: fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi scooped up two small units on each coast, an NBA star took a million-dollar loss on his Chicago mansion, and CSI: NY actor Gary Sinise was still struggling to unload a traditional home that's been on and off the market for two... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage Bel Air Home on Auction Block

Nicolas Cage will soon say good-bye to another home. Come 10:30 a.m. April 7th, he is set to lose his gorgeous Bel Air mansion in an auction to be held at the Pomona courthouse. This is only one in a string of homes the actor has lost thanks to his inability to manage his personal finances. Cage bought the house in 1998... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage is Leaving Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage continues to shed assets like a stripper loses clothes. The financially strapped actor, who is selling off properties to ease his IRS woes, just knocked another one off the block. A 14,306-square foot luxury Las Vegas property he lost to the bank recently is now in escrow and expected to close on Wednesday,... Continue Reading »

Nicolas Cage Losing His Keys?

Is actor Nicolas Cage having an Icarus moment? The financially strapped actor continues to plummet, shedding assets as he goes. Cage's most recent offering is his seven-bedroom, 11,817 square foot Bel Air estate on Copa de Oro Road, which boasts an 1,800-bottle wine cellar, ample pool and home theater. After weeks in... Continue Reading »

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