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  • Homeowners Joel and Melissa Dodge of Washington Feel Stranded by New Off-Ramp Next Door

    New Off-Ramp Next Door Leaves Family Feeling Stranded

    Noise from the construction of an off-ramp next to their backyard in Vancouver, Wash., drove Joel and Melissa Dodge to move their family to a rental home for a time. But this turned out to be just the beginning of their problems. The Dodges' son, Dylan, who is 6 years old and autistic, started acting out when... Continue Reading

  • Noisy Neighbors Get Noticed in Narragansett

    Noisy Neighbors Get Noticed in Narragansett

    In the sleepy seaside community of Narragansett, R. I., noisy neighbors get a 10-by-14-inch orange sticker slapped on the front door of their homes. Now some landlords are raising the volume of their complaints about the ordinance that permits the stickers to be posted, arguing they lower real estate values and... Continue Reading

  • Soundproofing Against Outdoor Noise

    Soundproofing Against Outdoor Noise

    Scott Warrick of Bloomington, Ind. has a noise problem outside his house: jackhammers. "I'm enduring three months of daily jackhammering as they tear down a local school." Excessive noise entering your house is a problem. It can stress you out, make you irritable, and, when it comes to heavy machinery and... Continue Reading

  • How to Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Yard

    How to Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Yard

    As suburban sprawl continues and traffic demands increase everywhere, more homeowners are faced with an annoying byproduct: noise. But there are numerous ways to fight noise. We'll start with your yard. Several "green" solutions exist that, when combined, can reduce the perception of noise. Here are some... Continue Reading

  • Insulation Gets Added Flair With Window Film

    Insulation Gets Added Flair With Window Film

    Window film - you need to be on a makeover show, because you've got an image problem! Window film has the reputation of the ugly step-sister of pristine windows.... think wavy plastic shrink-wrapped over leaky windows via a hairdryer. Tacky! But there are a growing number of reasons you should consider window... Continue Reading

  • Noise Insulation To Rock Your Walls

    Noise Insulation To Rock Your Walls

    Speak softly: they could be listening. And if you've got thin walls, you definitely have a problem. There are many ways to muffle the noise coming in and out of your apartment. Our newest find is a stylish method using woolen, bubble-shaped wall hangings by Wobedo Designs. The colorful wall hangings block noise... Continue Reading

  • Foot Model Gets the Boot From Manhattan Co-Op

    Foot Model Gets the Boot From Manhattan Co-Op

    A Manhattan foot model and her doorman-cum-boyfriend-cum-husband cite "forbidden love" as the reason they were kicked out of their apartment. More like, forbidden levels of violent instability. Tootsies model Christina Ambers, 36, and former doorkeeper Angel Rotger, 32, were kicked to the curb of 340 E. 74th... Continue Reading

  • New York Rolls Out Electric Buses

    New York Rolls Out Electric Buses

    Living near public transportation is traditionally considered a boon. But talk to New Yorkers who live above bus stops, and you'll likely hear horror stories of round-the-clock beeping, braking, rumbling and honking. They're not imagining it. Researchers from Columbia University and the University of... Continue Reading

  • What's That Spooky Noise?

    What's That Spooky Noise?

    Hearing strange noises, or whispers in your apartment (like that unfortunate couple in Paranormal Activity)? Perhaps the supernatural isn't to blame... but the lack of proper sound-proofing. Just ask New Yorker Heather McCartney. Sensitive-ear McCartney first fought the noise of a squeaky elevator next to her... Continue Reading