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Gun Safety at Home: Stolen Firearms a Big Problem, Statistics Show

As the issue of gun control dominates the political stage, gun safety at home should be on the minds of homeowners who keep firearms in their houses. There's reason to be vigilant: Stolen guns is a big problem. Statistics show an alarming rate of weapons being stolen during home burglaries -- and more often than not, they... Continue Reading »

How Obama, Romney Really Compare on Housing

By Estately.com With the presidential candidates squaring off to discuss a variety of issues, including housing, we here at Estately thought we'd compare the housing of the two men who long to make the White House home for the next four years. Comparing President Obama's Chicago home with the five homes that Gov.... Continue Reading »

Romney's and Obama's Housing Policies: Why the Candidates Seem Reluctant to Go There

It may seem hard to believe, but this year's presidential candidates have mostly avoided discussing an industry that's largely responsible for the last five years of economic pain. That may be because, for President Barack Obama and GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney, the subject of housing remains an extremely... Continue Reading »

Live Where John F. Kennedy Planned His 1st Political Campaign (House of the Day)

We're having a sort of love affair with presidents' former homes (such as the dingy apartment Barack Obama used to live in). And this place has our heart beating fast once again: an apartment in the landmark Boston building where the late John F. Kennedy plotted his first political campaign. Formerly known as the Hotel... Continue Reading »

Inside President Barack Obama's Former NYC Apartment (VIDEO)

Long before President Barack Obama lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, he lived in a beat-up two-bedroom apartment on the third floor of an Upper West Side walk-up. Like many struggling, cash-strapped college students (he was a junior at Columbia University in 1981), Obama grappled with scarce heat and hot water in the... Continue Reading »

Obama: Mortgage Help Coming for Military, FHA Borrowers

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is aiming mortgage relief at members of the military as well as homeowners with government-insured loans, the administration's latest efforts to address a persistent housing crisis. In his first full news conference of the year Tuesday, Obama was to announce plans to let borrowers... Continue Reading »

Government Shutdown May Impact First-Time Home Buyers

The government shutdown that will occur if Republicans in Congress and President Obama can't come to terms on budget legislation by midnight tonight could hit the ailing spring home-buying market like a ton of paving stones. The Federal Housing Agency (FHA), a popular source of low-down-payment mortgages of as little as... Continue Reading »

Obama Foreclosure Relief Plan to Get Smaller

Federally funded foreclosure relief will likely be less available to distressed homeowners as the Obama administration reduces the number of homeowners entitled to such aid, according to a story published today by Shahien Nasiripour of The Huffington Post. Facing pressure from major mortgage lenders and seven Republican... Continue Reading »

Obama's Clean Energy Goal: What Homeowners Can Do

President Barack Obama challenged the nation during his 2011 State of the Union Address to cut energy costs so that by the year 2035 we will have 80 percent of America's electricity coming from clean energy sources. Although that's 24 years from now, there are things homeowners can do now to help cut energy usage as we... Continue Reading »

Homebuyer Tax Credit: How to Claim It

The first-time homebuyer tax credit encouraged many buyers to take the leap in 2010. Though the deadline to close on a qualifying home purchase was Sept. 30, 2010, those buyers who did qualify now have to figure out how to collect. Kelly Phillips Erb of our sister site, WalletPop.com, did the hard work, so you don't have... Continue Reading »

Rahm Emanuel OK'd for Chicago Mayoral Ballot

Rahm Emanuel can officially stay on the ballot for Chicago's mayoral race, according to an unanimous vote by that city's election commissioners, reported the Chicago Tribune. Some residents had earlier objected, saying Emanuel had given up his Chicago residency when he moved his family and many belongings to Washington,... Continue Reading »

Obama's Hawaii Retreat: Available for Rent

President Barack Obama, who will be on vacation on the Hawaii island of Oahu through Jan. 2, is staying with his family at the 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath rental home he has vacationed in for the past three Christmas holidays. If you can cough up $3,500 per night, you, too, can rent the private oceanside retreat. "The home is... Continue Reading »

Obama Letter Helps Woman Pay for House

A struggling mother of two is selling a handwritten letter that she received from President Obama to pay for her cancer treatment and put a down payment on a house. Obama's January letter was a response to a three-page handwritten letter that Jennifer Cline wrote to him last year, saying: "I lost my job, my health... Continue Reading »

Home Sales: Shadow Inventory to Linger

Shadow inventory is casting, well, a shadow over the housing market. With around 7 million homes lurking in the wings on the verge of foreclosure, the inventory of homes waiting to be sold could take more than 40 months to clear. Sales delayed by the recent foreclosure crisis likely will only add to those numbers. For... Continue Reading »

Obama's Oval Office: Redecorating for World's Most Famous Tenant

What do you do when you move into a new rental? Redecorate, of course. The White House last week unveiled President Obama's redesigned Oval Office. The makeover, completed under the eye of California designer Michael Smith while the First Family was vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, showcases a sea of brown, camel, and... Continue Reading »

Lenders Give Locals Chance to Buy Foreclosures Ahead of Investors

Beware, real estate speculators: Your advantage is waning. The Obama administration announced today that major banks have agreed to allow local governments and nonprofit groups to purchase foreclosed properties before private investors. Congress granted $7 billion to enable local officials to acquire such properties with... Continue Reading »

Urban Real Estate Gets a Boost Over 'Burbs With New Obama Program

Are you trying to decide between buying a cozy house in town or a big place in a new subdivision? Today the Obama administration went public with a program that will help make the first choice the much better bet to hold its value over the long term. It's called the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, and the idea... Continue Reading »

Obama's NYC Apartment: Cheap Enough for a College Kid

For just $1,900 a month you can live in the New York City one-bedroom apartment that President Obama and his then-roommate, Phil Boerner, squeezed into during their junior year at Columbia University. The pad, located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, presumably rented for a lot less in the 1980s, and perhaps... Continue Reading »

'Selling New York' Episode 7: Still Not 'Closing New York'

After seven episodes of HGTV's "Selling New York" the message is clear: Nobody is buying anything! Still, there are a lot of fantastic properties with owners so anxious to sell that they'll share their private homes on national TV. Unfortunately for them, real estate voyeurism doesn't close the deal. There are a lot of... Continue Reading »

Obama to Mortgage Biz and Banks: We're in This Together

It's becoming a standard play for President Obama. Just as he gave a high-profile speech to seal the deal on the health care overhaul earlier this year, he came to New York City on Thursday to set up the winning shot for financial reform. With Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein seated in the third row, President Obama could... Continue Reading »

Best Protection Against Another Housing Bubble May be a Generation's Painful Lessons

The market value of your house is down 20 to 30 percent from its peak and could have further still to go. Jobs are scarce and the idea that home values will rise again seems remote. But this, too, shall pass (yes, your home value will eventually recover). And I can tell you exactly why -- psychology. The good news is... Continue Reading »

Obama Overhauls Failed HAMP Loan Modification Program

It's as good as official: Home Affordable Modification Program, the year-old government program to save homeowners from foreclosure, is a flop. Today, the Obama administration is set to announce new aid for many homeowners in trouble, who have been beyond help under the limited rules of the old HAMP program. Using $14... Continue Reading »

At Last: Some Real Aid for Struggling Homeowners

In his latest effort to stop the foreclosure tidal wave, President Obama, flanked by Nevada Senator Harry Reid (D), on Friday announced a Plan B for five states hardest hit by the housing crisis: Nevada, Florida, Michigan, California, and Arizona. The president is directing an additional $1.5 billion in aid to the states,... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Alone Can't Turn Blue Collars Green

A funny thing happened on the way to the green economy: A recession wiped out countless old-line jobs, along with funding for the so-called green-collar jobs that were supposed to replace many of them. Last year, President Obama made green jobs a centerpiece of his job creation and stimulus programs. But despite the... Continue Reading »

BofA Embraces 2nd Mortgage Mods, and Polishes Image

Relief for homeowners groaning under the weight of burdensome second mortgages is about to come from an unlikely source: Bank of America, which has been one of the most reluctant of the big lenders to modify first mortgages. After the Obama administration accelerated its efforts to persuade big banks to modify terms on... Continue Reading »

Sweet Rental: Hyde Park Area Townhome for $1,800

If you're anything like me, you're probably a tad afraid to make the leap into buying a home or condo considering the shaky job market and continuing foreclosure fiasco that has affected so many homeowners. That's why this Hyde Park area rental is the perfect bet for someone who wants the warmth and space of living in a... Continue Reading »

Spring Break: How Fannie & Freddie Will Bail Us Out

I recently detailed the trouble that's coming for American home owners with the end of the recession (except not for us), the recovery of the big banks (but not commercial lending), the rise of the stock markets (but not jobs), and the likely further declines for housing as what little stimulus was being applied there... Continue Reading »

Exclusive Pics: Inside Obama's Hawaiian Hideaway

55, 57 and 57A Kailuana Place, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734. Those digits are what President and Mrs. Obama, their children and entourage are once again calling home for the next several days. Seven years ago, my cousin Brendan Lane Larson lived in 55 Kailuana Place when it was on the market for about $3 million and the only... Continue Reading »

Obamas, Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Americans have spoken, and they choose the Obamas as their most ideal next-door neighbor, according to a recent Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey. On the other end of the spectrum, crazy, Octo-mom, Nadya Suleman, was voted least-desirable neighbor. I guess no one wants to live next to FOURTEEN(!) screaming babies and her... Continue Reading »

Fannie-Freddie II: The Wrath of Obama

So why did the Obama Administration last week increase the amount of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac losses it would cover from the previous limit of $400 billion to the new limit of infinity? In the simplest terms, it was to reassure investors like China or Saudi Arabia who have bought or might buy in the future the securities... Continue Reading »


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