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Latest Surgeon General's Warning: Your Neighborhood?

In the interest of public health, the Surgeon General has issued warnings about vices including cigarettes and alcohol. But what does the nation's top doctor have to say about the neighborhood you live in? Should poorly designed communities that discourage walking, social interaction and accessibility come with a similar... Continue Reading »

Improve Your Quality of Life in Minnesota

Want to take better care of your heart and keep it healthy? Consider moving to Albert Lea, Minn. Residents decided that the best way to prevent heart disease was to pursue public policies to prevent it. People living in this city 90 miles south of Minneapolis, became the first in the nation to sign on to the AARP/Blue... Continue Reading »

Does This Building Make Me Look Fat?

Every February 2, hundreds of (health) nuts run up New York City's Empire State Building. But the city as a whole, despite its culture of walking and seemingly insane runners, is basically trudging towards obesity. But there's hope! A new set of design guidelines, developed with local and national architects, aims to... Continue Reading »

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