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$100 Million House Listings Are Back: Are They Worth the Price?

By Robert Frank Forget million-dollar listings. The next smash hit real estate TV show could well be "$100 Million Listing." Brokers and real estate analysts say there are now more than a dozen homes in the U.S. listed or quietly on the market for $100 million or more. That's believed to top the number of $100... Continue Reading »

Bidders Take the Plunge as Tor Cottage Teeters on the Brink

Who wouldn't want an immaculate hillside home overlooking the sea for a fraction of the cost? But when that home sits on an edge of a cliff -- next door to a home that has already tumbled down the hill -- you'd think no one. But land is valuable, even with threatening landslides, as a four-bedroom home in England -- that... Continue Reading »

Taylor Swift Reportedly Buys Oceanfront Manse in Rhode Island

By Erika Riggs This country girl has been digging the East Coast lately, at least in terms of her real estate purchases. According to TMZ and real estate blog The Real Estalker, country-pop princess Taylor Swift has purchased a waterfront mansion in Watch Hill, R.I.. for around $17 million. Last year she picked up a... Continue Reading »

I Want This Oceanfront Home in Venice

This two-bedroom, two-bath oceanfront home in Venice is newly renovated, full of modern amenities and right on the beach. If you lived here at Ocean Front Walk for just $1.78 this could be your view from the kitchen each morning as you drink coffee. Good morning to you! Here are some more reasons why I Want This House. Continue Reading »

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