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College Town Real Estate Investments Score High Marks

The closest thing to a sure bet in real estate may be going to college. Investments in college towns -- places where the community is shaped by a university's presence -- have done well while other niches in the housing market have, for the most part, fallen off the Dean's List. It comes down to the basic law of supply... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

Whether you live off-campus, or in the White House, RentedSpaces had a little something for everyone this week. Read on to see what else was hot this week. Off-Campus Rentals: Staying Safe in a College Town Don't let the excitement of being back at college this fall distract you from making safety a priority. See our tips... Continue Reading »

Off-Campus Rentals: Staying Safe in a College Town

Living off-campus at college brings many perks: greater freedom, broader housing choices, and possibly even some money-saving, if you play your cards right. But being out from under the university's thumb means that you're also out from under their security, which isn't always a good thing. Though tragically high-profile... Continue Reading »

University Housing Site Makes Students' Search Easier

Last year a couple of sophomores at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth started contemplating living arrangements as juniors -- the point at which students have the option to live off-campus. For friends Chris Sterling, 20, and Ryan Fleisch, 21, it became the genesis of a start-up website,, that would... Continue Reading »

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