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Rian White of East Hampton, N.Y., Angers Neighbors By Telling People to Throw Paint on His House

We've seen some bad paint jobs on houses before, but this one might be the worst. Rian White (pictured below) of East Hampton, N.Y., did some rabble rousing when he asked anyone and everyone for "help" painting his house. In a move that angered neighbors, White put up a sign outside of his home, reading: "Help paint a... Continue Reading »

Top Tips for Interior Painting Projects

Transforming a home interior with a new coat of paint is perfect for homeowners on any budget. With a little DIY magic, you can have a major impact on the quality of your home space. But it's all about knowing where to start. Planning and preparation are the key ingredients to great results, so take the time to assemble... Continue Reading »

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Winter

When you spend too much time in your home, you are bound to find a home improvement project or two that can keep you busy. And that's usually what happens during the winter, when long hours inside give you time to wonder why you decided to paint the walls avocado green. For Heydi Cribben and her boyfriend, Jesse (pictured... Continue Reading »

Selling Your Home: Quick Fixes for Big Returns

Selling your home is stressful even during the best of times, but when the market is slow it sometimes seems like "Mission: Impossible." In order to sell your home for top dollar in a down market, you need to be proactive in making your home stand out from the huge inventory of listings that buyers have to choose... Continue Reading »

Interior Paint Colors That Help Sell Your Home

Maggie Hernandez recalls a Realtor telling her sister-in-law that she had to get rid of many of her personal items in order to sell her home. But the realtor was even more adamant that the sister-in-law update the interior paint colors throughout her house. In fact 94 percent of all agents recommend a fresh coat of paint... Continue Reading »

Simple Design Ideas to Recycle Your Dull Table

The following idea -- recycling furniture with woven mats -- merges an affordable, do-it-yourself sensibility. In other words, it's every green-minded urbanite's dream. Not sold? Neither was I. That is until I realized that recreating this quirky woven tabletop look, pointed out by Design Sponge, requires neither... Continue Reading »

Color Confidence: Choosing Paint

Paint is the quickest and easiest way to completely transform the look of a room. You can choose paint colors to add warmth to a cold room, add coziness to a large room, add sunshine to a dark room, or just add fun to a boring room. However, walking into a paint store and staring at that wall of thousands of paint colors... Continue Reading »

Design by Avatar: Redecorate or Sell Your Home in 3-D

Until recently homeowners had two choices if they wanted to visualize changes to their home in 3-D: make use of their imagination or hire the services of a professional. But now there exists a wide range of web-based and mobile tools to help visualize your home in three dimensions. Don't make the mistake to think this is... Continue Reading »

Want to Renovate? Make Your Landlord Pay

Landlords are in the commodity business. While there are very few differences between rental units, smart real estate investors (a.k.a.your future landlord) look for properties that give them a clear competitive advantage over a similar property in the same neighborhood. It could be the view, it could be renovations, it... Continue Reading »

Beyond Blue Paint: Paint Color Gets Grapey

Life poses many daunting existential questions, none more vexing than this one: what color should I paint the bedroom, living room or bath? You've been there before, standing in the paint store squinting at color swatches, wondering whether that gray is too dark (looks like a funeral home!) or if the coral is a tad too... Continue Reading »

No Boring Box Homes Here

A country built on a firm belief in individualism? Tell that to the housing developers who stamp out look-alike houses like factory widgets. If you live in one of these habitats you might be suffering from BBF, or "boring box fatigue." The cure? The resolve to "strike out and stick out." Some homeowners in the U.S. and... Continue Reading »

Coordinate with New Color Apps

Pantone just released myPantone, a $10 app for the iPhone that can extract colors from photos and convert them to the nearest Pantone color. It also offers color schemes and inspiration from its library. This could be helpful when shopping for coordinating home decor or bedding. Sounds great, but it is really innovative?... Continue Reading »

Apartment Earth: Three No-VOC Paints to Color Your Walls

Want to personalize your apartment with paint? If possible, choose one that offers no volatile organic compounds or VOC's. VOCs are chemical pollutants frequently found in paint. Here are three easy-breathing, no-VOC paint lines to consider... Continue Reading »

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