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Mark Zuckerberg's Real Estate Move Finds a Following

Zillow By Catherine Sherman As Mark Zuckerberg's social networking company, Facebook, celebrates its 10th anniversary and has worldwide usage by 1.23 billion people, the tech titan finds himself at the forefront of a real estate trend: tech bosses who are buying up their neighbors' properties. Zuckerberg made headlines... Continue Reading »

Zuckerberg Buys 4 Homes to Change His Privacy Setting

Zillow By Erika Riggs It's not uncommon for celebrities to buy the properties next to their homes to ensure privacy, but usually when they do this, the neighboring homes are already on the market. But when you're Mark Zuckerberg and worth $19 billion, you can usually find a price that your neighbors would be willing to... Continue Reading »

'Facebook Effect': Palo Alto Home Prices Up, Inventory Down

Mark Zuckerberg may have been content renting a modest bungalow, but chances are the coming wave of Facebook millionaires have something more grand in mind. At least that's the thinking behind the so-called "Facebook effect"-- the anticipated demand for high-end housing following the company's May IPO. Since the beginning... Continue Reading »

Google Engineer Turns Home Into Gamer's Fantasy-LAN

The best things in life always start off with a crazy idea. At least, that's how it all began for 29-year-old Google software engineer Kenton Varda. In 1996, on his 14th birthday, Varda hosted his first LAN party at his parents' house in Minneapolis. Although they weren't yet called "LAN parties." It was just a group of... Continue Reading »

Mark Zuckerberg Rents Home (Again!)

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO, is learning that privacy is more of an ideal than a reality, even if he moves to a relatively modest new rental home. The 26-year-old Zuckerberg moved recently -- a whole seven blocks away from his old rental home -- into a slightly larger, moderately more expensive, but most... Continue Reading »

Rent Mark Zuckerberg's Former Home

Many jaws were agape when they learned that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured left) rented a modest 2,350-square-foot home (pictured below) rather than owning a palatial estate, as HousingWatch reported. Perhaps that was too much pressure, as it seems the subject of the hit movie The Social Network has now... Continue Reading »

Why Facebook's Billionaire Founder Rents

What kind of a billionaire tech genius rents? Apparently the Mark Zuckerberg kind. So when recent news hit that Facebook founder and "The Social Network" subject Zuckerberg rents a month-to-month apartment in Palo Alto, Calif. many observers were puzzled. After all, Bill Gates paid over $1 million just in 2009 property... Continue Reading »

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