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8 Home Inspection Red Flags

Getty Images Our gallery of home inspection nightmares (below) is good for a laugh, but a home inspection is serious business. It's the buyer's opportunity to make sure that the house they're about to purchase doesn't hold any expensive surprises. A typical home inspection includes a check of a house's structural and... Continue Reading »

Bedbugs: Bite Back at These Superpests

Courtenay Edelhart of Bakersfield, Calif. has been up all night, prepping the house for the exterminator. It's been a lot of work, removing all the clothes, bedding, linens, pillows, stuffed animals and fabric from the house. "I'm delirious with exhaustion," she says. But the effort has been worth it. Today, she's... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Tips: Foreclosed Homes Need Close Inspection

With foreclosures at record highs, buying a foreclosed home might be a great deal, but the risk of getting a lemon also is greater. Home inspectors don't always catch all the flaws in foreclosed homes that have remained empty for months, if not a year or longer. Here are the top areas, from air conditioning to... Continue Reading »

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