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Are Your Neighbors Running a Hidden Marijuana Operation?

Your next-door neighbors may look like normal, law-abiding citizens, but you never really know what they're hiding beneath their homes -- like a large-scale marijuana grow operation, perhaps? One such operation was uncovered in the idyllic town of Bainbridge, Ga., at the home of contractor Johnny Davis (pictured below)... Continue Reading »

Budding Trend: Foreclosed Homes Converted to Pot Gardens

The housing market isn't the only thing that's gone to pot in Las Vegas. With the foreclosure crisis in high gear, some enterprising residents are converting vacant homes into marijuana grow sites, the Los Angeles Times reports. Continue Reading »

Not-So-HighTimes: London Rental Wrecked by Weed Growers

It was a simple plan: Two fake renters (or should we call them "plants"?) lease a house and the real tenants turn it into a cannabis factory. The owner thought he was renting his home to two young women. Instead, his house and garage was being used to grow over 200 marijuana plants worth thousands. The Workingham Times... Continue Reading »

Your Next Landlord a Flower Child?

Newsweek reports that the Boomer generation is scooping up housing at reduced rates. Why not? Home prices are sinking and mortgage rates are low. It's the perfect time to snag that vacation home or retirement dwelling. Could a Baby Boomer wind up being your next landlord? Quiet possibly. Newsweek states that "roughly one... Continue Reading »

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