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  • Prairie House (Style Spotlight)

    Style Spotlight: Prairie School's Lessons for Modernism

    By Bud Dietrich, AIA As the 19th century waned and the 20th century was dawning, a group of architects and designers in the Upper Midwest banded together to form the Prairie School. An entirely new approach to domestic design, the Prairie School featured a new language. Rooms made of four walls and small... Continue Reading

  • QUIZ: Do You Know Your House Styles?

    QUIZ: Do You Know Your House Styles?

    As spring buying season nears, many Americans on the hunt for deals will find themselves struggling to decipher listing descriptions. In addition to Realtor-speak -- you know, terms like "well-apportioned" and "retro chic" -- it's important to know what you're really looking at. In the interest of educating... Continue Reading