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Energy-Efficient Homes: How They Can Boost Your Bottom Line This Winter

After Hurricane Sandy heaped devastation on homes across the East Coast, we began to think that maybe homes need to be built in better ways. There's something to be said for new energy-efficient building standards, including modular building, and how those methods are used to create stronger, sturdier houses. But... Continue Reading »

Hurricane Sandy Housing Lessons: How to Build a Better Home

There were important housing lessons to be learned from Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged a good part of the East Coast last week. Thousands of houses were without power for more than a week, and some are apt to be out for much longer. If those houses had been equipped with some form of renewable energy with battery... Continue Reading »

Kit House (Style Spotlight)

By Bud Dietrich, AIA Kit houses were America's first mass-produced, prefab homes, sold by Sears, Montgomery Ward, Gordon Van Tine, Aladdin and a few others. The materials for these homes, ordered straight from a catalog, were delivered to the building site by rail and truck. Remarkably, all of the parts, from lumber to... Continue Reading »

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