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Private Islands of the Rich and Famous

Sometimes, being rich and famous has its perks. In this case, it's being able to own private islands in exotic locations all over the world! The following gallery shows several celebrities and billionaires and the enormous, luxurious private islands they own. %Gallery-161116% Which is your favorite? If you could... Continue Reading »

Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

By Neal J. Leitereg In case you're in complete denial or have been living under a rock in recent days, it has become quite apparent that THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE IS UPON US, PEOPLE. Reported horrific incidents of face-eating, intestine-throwing, arm-gnawing, hush-hush hazmat evacuations, and/or general cannibalistic mayhem... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Florida Island Paradise

Here's another floating piece of paradise we can add to our list of private islands we'd like to buy when we win the lottery. Located in the glistening azure waters between Sarasota and Naples in Florida, Little Bokeelia Island is the idyllic island resort you dream of escaping to when you're sitting at your 9-to-5 desk... Continue Reading »

Buy Your Own Private Island for $75 Million, Town Included

Buying a town is cool, but buying your own island is way, way cooler. But to claim your own little spot in the ocean, you'd better be sitting on some serious bankroll -- because they tend to run upward of $20 million. Take, for example, this 780-acre private island in the heart of Canada's famous Gulf Islands... Continue Reading »

Private Islands and Yachts: Luxe Away From Home

Calling all Russian (and other) oligarchs and hedge fund types: if you already have a slew of residences around the world, how about something completely different that will make you the envy of other wealthy types? We're talking about your own private island or a yacht marketed as a man-made floating island. Ah, there's... Continue Reading »

Rent Like a Virgin

Who wouldn't want to be Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson, what with his year-round tan, balloon rides and the billions that go with them? Turns out you can live like Branson-for a few hours or days at least- and for less than you might expect. He has a portfolio of belongings that he shares with wannabee jetsetters and is... Continue Reading »

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