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How to Know If a Neighborhood Is Gentrifying

Getty Images/Flickr RF By Donna Fuscaldo Bargains may be few and far between in the current real estate market, but buyers can get a deal if they are willing to purchase a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood. But discovering a neighborhood with potential can be tricky. "When you buy in an up-and-coming neighborhood,... Continue Reading »

Soaring Property Values Threaten Historic Island Community

Bruce Smith/The Associated Press By Russ Bynum DARIEN, Ga. -- Residents of one of the few remaining Gullah-Geechee communities on the Southeast coast opened new appeals Monday against soaring property values that brought them big tax hikes, fearful they could be forced off lands their families have owned since their... Continue Reading »

Is a Neighbor Hurting Your Home's Value?

A recent survey by Harris Interactive and State Farm Insurance found that 60 percent of Americans have a pet peeve with someone who lives nearby. A bad neighbor "can make your life a total nightmare," says Bob Borzotta, managing editor of, whose message boards contain more than 42,700 posts on... Continue Reading »

9 Things That Will Trash Your Home's Value

By Mamta Badkar With the real estate market as shaky as it is, homeowners can't afford to deal with more problems. And yet there's always something that pops up –– whether its noisy neighbors or an unfortunately placed sinkhole. We've rounded up some of the biggest threats to the value of a... Continue Reading »

Property Values: If a Rat-Infested Seattle Alley Can Sell for $1 Million, What's Your Home Worth?

If you're worried about the hit your property value has taken over the last few years, here's a reason to take heart: Even a rat-infested Seattle alleyway (pictured above) has been valued at $1 million -- and it has a buyer. A million bucks for that? Well, like anyone who wants to determine property value, you have to... Continue Reading »

2011 in Real Estate: The Top 11 News Stories

It seemed like a race to the bottom this year: Along with continued declines in property values, every season seemed to see another record low in interest rates -- though fewer-than-expected buyers were inclined to take advantage. Also on the way down or stuck in the cellar: the number of Americans who expected to... Continue Reading »

Lower Housing Prices Could Hurt College Attendance, Study Says

The housing bubble burst may puncture the dreams of many students hoping to attend college. As housing prices rose from the late 1990s through 2006, many parents used their new-found wealth to send their children to college, according to a recent study by Cornell University economist Michael Lovenheim. Now, with housing... Continue Reading »

Home Values: What's in a Neighborhood Name?

Want to boost the price on your house? Go country. Commonly held wisdom is that a prestigious-sounding name can add value to a neighborhood or subdivision. Now the research proves it. Buyers are willing to pay a premium of 4.2 percent for a property with "country" in the name and an additional 5.1 percent for the phrase... Continue Reading »

Swimming Pool Drifts Away From Homeowner

When is your swimming pool not actually your swimming pool? When it becomes the centerpiece of a confusing tax bill dispute between a homeowner and a city. Sarita Murray, a Baltimore homeowner, says she's the victim of city workers who are unwilling to admit they made a mistake. The city says she failed to pay a property... Continue Reading »

Housing Market 2011: A Spirited Dialogue

Rob Hahn and Jeff Corbett are partners in 7DS Associates, a strategic management consultancy focused on the real estate business. As industry insiders and observers, they agree on many aspects of the current housing market; they disagree on plenty of others. AOL Real Estate asked them to conduct a dialogue throughout this... Continue Reading »

Property Taxes Rise as Home Values Fall

With home values nosediving in many areas of the country, why are so many markets facing huge surges in property taxes? Charles Hughes Smith at our sister site, DailyFinance, takes an in-depth look at this seemingly backward phenomenon and explains why this paradox is unsustainable in today's housing market. Common sense... Continue Reading »

Urban Real Estate Gets a Boost Over 'Burbs With New Obama Program

Are you trying to decide between buying a cozy house in town or a big place in a new subdivision? Today the Obama administration went public with a program that will help make the first choice the much better bet to hold its value over the long term. It's called the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, and the idea... Continue Reading »

Mini Housing Boom Raises Hopes, Fears

For several months, pundits and economists have warned that demand for housing and housing prices would fall steadily for the first six months of this year, after the end of a brief recovery last year. Well, it hasn't happened yet. In fact, the latest stack of housing reports for March shows the opposite -- a... Continue Reading »

The Zillow of Oz: You Sure About that Home Appraisal?

"Zillow's estimates are no more reliable than the "fortune tellers" at carnivals," says top Chicago real estate broker Mario Greco, who heads The Mario Greco Group at Prudential Rubloff. Greco wasn't surprised recently when a study by three University of Texas at San Antonio professors was published in The Appraisal... Continue Reading »

Homeowners' Defense Act: Affordable Insurance or 'Beach House Bailout'?

Banks aren't the only ones that depend on taxpayer bailouts. Every time disaster strikes the government picks up the tab. Losses after Katrina totaled $90 billion, with only $45 billion covered by insurance. The government ended up spending almost $10 billion on homeowners who were uninsured or under-insured. Yet,... Continue Reading »

Psst. George Clooney Is Selling His Villa!

George Clooney quickly quashed rumors that his villa in the waterside Italian village of Laglio is up for sale, but posh Lake Como could still benefit from a boost in property sales or summer rentals. News agencies around the world from ABC News to The Telegraph reported this week that Clooney's Villa Oleander was... Continue Reading »

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