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With still more than 12 million Americans unemployed, many are contemplating a jump to a completely new field. And few second (or third, or fourth) careers are as popular as the real estate business. The housing market is rebounding faster than jobs, and most analysts are optimistic that home prices will... Continue Reading »

Dual Agency: How a Real Estate Agent May Be Two-Timing You

By Matt Carter and Andrea V. Brambila Republished with permission from Inman News. Homebuyers sometimes gripe that their real estate agent seems more interested in closing a sale and collecting a commission check than in helping them find the right home at the right price. Sellers, too, may feel pressured by their... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Agent Loses License for Not Presenting Offer

Ever wonder why if that property is such a great buy how come your real estate agent didn't just snatch it up? Well, sometimes agents do buy properties for various reasons, and they are looking for a deal just like everyone else. But when it comes to undercutting their own clients there can be repercussions. Just ask... Continue Reading »

Ex-Real Estate Agent Nabbed for Robbing Casino

Who knew the housing crisis had gotten this bad? Anthony Carleo, a 29-year-old judge's son who is suspected of stealing $1.5 million worth of chips from Las Vegas's Bellagio Hotel during a brazen armed robbery, was set to appear in court today. Carleo gave up his job as a real estate agent in the Pueblo, Colo., area just... Continue Reading »

What's Hot on AOL Real Estate This Week

With our top stories this week on topics like sinking home values and foreclosure sales, it seems like we may not have left the housing gloom behind in 2010. See what else our readers were into this week: 1. White House Real Estate Value Drops Does it sometimes feel like you're the only one who got short-changed by the... Continue Reading »

Top Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

After her home in Michigan's Upper Peninsula sat on the market for a year without an offer, Rita Gordon and her husband, Bill, were determined to hire a new real-estate agent. "The first time, our family and friends said, 'Go with this person.' We did no due diligence," says Gordon, who has since relocated to Rocky Point,... Continue Reading »

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Colleen Gelardi learned the hard way that listing your home with a top-producing agent -- or even one recommended by a friend- - may not be the best way to pick a real-estate agent. " We just went with what our friends said," explains Gelardi, of Aurora, Ohio. "They knew the agent personally, and she'd helped them." After... Continue Reading »

For Sale by Owner: Answer These 5 Questions First

When John Ullman wanted to sell his Portland, Ore. home 20 years ago, he knew he was going to have trouble selling it through conventional channels. "My wife was a potter, and we had a kiln in the backyard," he recalled. "By anyone's standards, that's a liability." By anyone's standards except another potter. So rather... Continue Reading »

How to Score Top Dollar for Your Home Sale

After unsuccessfully trying to sell her Chicago condo "For Sale by Owner" for a few months, Sarah Kadlic brought in a real estate agent to help price and market her property. For many homeowners like Sarah, pricing a piece of real estate is a moving target. There's no magic number for a home sale, real estate experts say,... Continue Reading »

Open House: When It's Worth It -- or Not

To help sell her Austin, Texas condo, Tara Akins held a series of weekend open houses. Despite the fact that they were "well attended," according to her real estate agent, the eventual buyer came not from one of the open houses but through a private showing. For many sellers, that's how the home-selling process unfolds.... Continue Reading »

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